Highlights on New Emarsys Innovations to Empower Marketers


Highlights on New Emarsys Innovations to Empower Marketers

These days, it will take a very, very long time for a client to approach you (i.e., your brand) on your conditions and terms.

In actuality, they might not even approach you.

Since they may choose when, where, and how to interact with a business nowadays, consumers have the luxury and expectation that everything will be done on their terms. You must be able to reach your consumers with highly relevant, tailored experiences no matter where they are if you want to promote development and income for your company, which is one of your primary tasks as a marketer in today’s environment. In other words, you must participate everywhere.

As a marketer, you have a lot of work to perform because of this demand. It’s not an easy chore, on top of everything else you have to deal with in your work, and we realize that.

Because of this, professionals at SAP are making it simpler for users to interact with clients via the channels of their choice. As your organization expands, these five new future technologies from Emarsys will let you engage consumers everywhere and at any size.

Highlights of Latest Emarsys Innovations

#1 Mobile Wallet

You may initiate campaigns using wallet passes by using the Mobile Wallet functionality, which is currently being tested. These wallet passes provide you the chance to connect customers in a highly customized way and provide value to them via mobile devices, whether it’s a loyalty card, discount, voucher, or event ticket.

Mobile Wallet

Source: https://emarsys.com/

Moreover, you may follow up with the client when they use these passes, followed by a follow-up interaction that produces more information about their experience to enhance subsequent 1:1 interaction.

#2 Conversation Channels

Good dialogue is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Make sure you can communicate with your consumers using the means they choose. You will be able to interact with clients on their favorite chat platforms, such as Facebook or WhatsApp Messenger, thanks to the Conversation Channels feature.

Instead of sending a one-off message, you can engage the customer in conversation to discuss promotions or limited-time offers, remind them about a product they’ve forgotten they had in their cart, or maybe even welcome them to your loyalty program, depending on what topic is most pertinent to the customer.

#3 Enhanced CDP Integration

SAP aims to empower marketers to fulfill their multichannel consumer interaction objectives. However, the ERP producers also know that fragmented data and channels are a barrier. This is why they keep introducing features that make dismantling those silos simpler because of this.

Improved CDP Integration from Emarsys is another feature on our list that will enable you to gather and synchronize customer identity, subscription, and preference management in a single location. Your consumers will benefit from having a more seamless experience with your brand, regardless of the channel they’re on. You’ll be able to breathe easier knowing that all the necessary laws and compliance-related customer data are already built-in.

#4 Option to Personalize Everything

Although marketers frequently discuss highly relevant tailored experiences, you can’t merely customize one or two touchpoints throughout a customer’s journey to make it genuinely relevant for them. Everywhere needs to be personalized.

Of course, it’s simpler said than done. You already have limited time, money, and resources as a marketer. Consumers fluidly switch across channels in search of the greatest products and services; they lack the patience to wait for your brand to catch up. You must be flexible enough to meet clients where they are and provide them with what they want in a tailored manner.

This is where Emarsys is working on several new features to allow users to develop personalized experiences seamlessly. This way, businesses can easily scale engagement on a 1:1 basis.

Let’s have a look at the three unique features helping the process:

a. Real-time web personalization

Consumers adore the customized touch they get in your brand’s communications. What happens if customers visit your website and nothing about their experience is tailored to them? Consumer feels like they are just strangers visiting your website when you lose that connection with them.

Real-time web personalization

Source: https://emarsys.com/

Don’t let technological difficulty or a slow response time prevent you from offering them a tailored online experience. You can convert visitors into customers with the Real-Time Web Personalization function by providing the most pertinent material and offers in real-time.

b. In-app personalization

Thanks to the mobile app, you, the marketer, have greater influence over the customer’s experience of your brand. Hence, when you combine that with highly relevant messages, you can provide the consumer with a special experience that makes them feel appreciated and understood.

Thanks to the in-app personalization feature added in the update, you may customize in-app content in real-time with contacts, vouchers, or event data. This lets you better customize the in-app experience. Deep links, URLs, and on-event actions may all be customized and designed just for the customer.

c. Unified personalization approach

How “personalized” was the experience for your consumer if they received a tailored product recommendation on one of your brand’s channels but a completely unrelated product recommendation on another?

Your chances of converting that consumer significantly rises when you offer a really customized recommendation. So, you should ensure that your suggestions are consistent across channels and that they are pertinent to the consumer. This is what the feature known as Unified Personalization Rules accomplishes.

#5 Account Engagement

Marketers must work more closely with other revenue-focused departments inside the company as they come under increasing pressure to boost sales for their companies. There is a critical requirement for marketers to coordinate their efforts with sales in order to achieve corporate goals, whether through direct or indirect collaboration.

Account engagement

Source: https://emarsys.com/

Customers of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement may easily combine their marketing and sales activities with this edition’s new Account Engagement option to boost sales performance and increase revenue. This enables sales teams to tailor the content and contacts in a campaign while enabling marketers to personalize campaigns more easily by utilizing priceless CRM data or delivering campaigns on behalf of their sales partners.

Marketing and sales may work together in a genuinely collaborative, unified approach, acting on a single perspective of their consumer, thanks to shared profile views and activity monitoring.

In Conclusion

Emarsys is a place of innovation for business owners. With new updates and features every now and then, it’s only a step away from becoming the perfect software module for users all around. So, has your business leveraged SAP Emarsys yet?