Highlights of features in SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 Release


Highlights of features in SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 Release

Predictive technologies are revolutionizing how businesses make decisions. Well thought out and informed decision-making has always worked in favor of businesses, and predictive technologies have enabled everyone to make this a reality.

SAP Analytics Cloud has long been at the forefront of this revolution as businesses from all around the globe are using its capabilities. The solution has helped businesses stimulate their growth and mitigate the impact of different risk factors.

However, as always, SAP is further attempting to serve its customers in a better way with its latest SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 release. Thus, let’s check out some of the highlights from this latest release.

But First, What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud is one of the leading analytics solutions currently available in the market. The solution brings together predictive and augmented analytics, business intelligence (BI), and planning competencies into a single cloud environment. In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud is an integral component of the SAP Business Suite.

SAP Analytics Cloud has proven itself to be one of the most valuable tools for businesses operating in this digitized environment where leveraging the potential of data is not optional. It helps businesses better manage their data and leverage the same for generating valuable insights. Businesses further use these insights to get a deeper understanding of different aspects of the business and make decisions accordingly.



Highlights from SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 Release

The recent release of SAP Analytics Cloud comes with some enhanced features and functionalities that make this solution even more suited for the current business environment.

However, it is worth mentioning these features are currently made available for SAP Analytics Cloud Fast Track customers. Thus, the customers of SAP Analytics Cloud Quarterly Release Cycle (QRC) will be able to benefit from the features of this solution with the QRC Q2 2022 release. That being said, let’s check out what this release has in store.

Enterprise Planning

The SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 release has enhanced the dependencies midway calendar event areas of enterprise planning. You probably are already aware that the dependencies of calendar events are annexed part of the start by conditions of any task, process, or event associated with the calendar.

This latest release enables planning users to define dependencies and variably begin a calendar event. The planning users can do so when either one or more preceding tasks have reached a specific status.

Furthermore, users can now set child events to start along with their parent process simultaneously when starting by conditions by dependencies. However, they need to define the start condition of the parent process.

However, that is not all because the latest release also allows users to create a review task and a general task. Tasks concerning the review are effectively optimized to facilitate different steps for reviewing within the workflow. This will enable users and individuals to keep a check on the work result of different processes or tasks. On the other hand, general tasks allow users to assign people to input the data associated with planning or even do any additional work.

User Collaboration

Collaboration between users is key to facilitating optimal efficiency and minimizing human errors within an organization. Keeping that in mind, the SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 release allows users to leverage dynamic texts available with the option of scheduling publication.

This means when a user schedules a story on SAP Analytics Cloud, they can use dynamic text as a replacement for email variable content with the latest values, based dynamically on different variables of the system. This allows users to enhance the personalization in the experience of sharing stories during the run time with dynamic texts. Consequently, this plays a key role in adding more value to the receipts.

Scheduler date, scheduler time, scheduler month, and scheduler year are the dynamic elements of text users can add to the message body, subject, or even the file names of emails. Thus, this can be very helpful in enhancing the overall story-sharing experience of users.



Data Integration

Getting live data from outside the company has long been a challenge for SAP SAC users as they always had to use a VPN for the purpose. However, the SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 release is set out to make this easier for users.

The solution now enables users to establish a tunnel connection type for BPC live connection. They can do so by using the latest Tunnel connection and mitigating all hassle to the greatest extent possible.

Integration with Microsoft Office

It is no secret that businesses of almost every scale and type have been using the tools available in Microsoft Office for a long time. However, times have changed to a great extent, but businesses’ reliance on Microsoft Office does not seem to diminish anytime soon.

That being said, the SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 release has brought forward the Neo tenant support. This means Neo tenants will now support the SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office. This will play a key role in boosting customers’ efficiency and generating amplified results.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this development was a follow-up of the enhancements incorporated in the App Router. Thus, the enhancements in App Router will be available from the 7th of March in every region.

What does the future hold for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?

SAP has long held a reputation for deploying regular enhancements in every solution offered by the tech giant. Thus, SAP Analytics Cloud is no different, and there are consistent efforts to enhance this solution further. The transparent and regular updates are made possible through the quarterly releases made available to customers with no extra cost whatsoever.

Hence it would be safe to say the core offerings of the solution will dictate the future of SAP Analytics Cloud. These core offerings include business intelligence (BI), predictive analytics, and planning.



Bottom Line

These enhancements are some of the most notable highlights in the SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.05 release. All these enhancements were deployed with an intent to make this solution even better and well suited for the ever-changing business environment of the 21st century. Therefore, feel free to contact the experts at our SAP consulting company to learn more about such releases.