Highlights for SAP SuccessFactors Time Management H2 2021 Release


Highlights for SAP SuccessFactors Time Management H2 2021 Release

SAP SuccessFactors is now one of the most prevalent and preferred HRM suites used by businesses of varied scales. Every once in a while, a new release of SAP SuccessFactors brings more enhancements to the solution.

The latest H2 2021 release is also one of such releases that bring in some of the notable enhancements to the time management solution of SAP SuccessFactors. This release is aimed at helping businesses achieve optimum operational efficiency and efficacy. So what is so notable about the current release? Let’s find out.

Enhancements in SAP SuccessFactors Time Management H2 2021 Release

The H2 2021 Release of SAP SuccessFactors time management certainly comes with the coolest features and functionalities that greatly benefit organizations. So here is a summarized version depicting what these enhancements are really about. Hence continue reading to understand these latest features and functionalities better. 

Notification Mail for Instances where yesterday has Missing Times

When a business has integrated clock in/out terminals, the management expects employees to ensure accurate time recording. However, there can be instances where an employee might fail to record their daily time for whatever reasons.

Many SAP SuccessFactors users then came up with an idea suggesting that mail notifying employees to record their daily time could come in handy here. While this idea is great, sending out generic reminders to employees can be challenging every day. In addition, sending out such emails regularly increases the chances of the email ending up in the spam folder.

Ensuring the previous day was planned is essential because sending out notifications to an employee on Monday reminding them to record their Sunday timing does not make any sense. Therefore, a smarter approach is imperative here. Therefore, what is needed here is a notification mechanism that will remind the employees of their daily time recording provided the previous day was a planned one.

This is where the integration center comes in that will allow the employers to leverage smart notifications emails. Ideally, this will remind the employee about recording their time provided the previous or any other concerning day was a planned day and not a full absence day.

The Digital Punch Clock

The digital punch clock is one of the most noteworthy enhancements in SAP SuccessFactors time management release. This allows employees of the organization to clock in and out into the premises using their electronic devices, either a computer or even a mobile phone.

Employees can leverage this enhancement to submit their working time with the utmost accuracy, which means every minute is notified to the organization. Even better, all this reporting will take place in real-time irrespective of whether the employee is on the move or working right from the desktop. Furthermore, employees can now delete or create the time events themselves but within the timesheet.

Recording Attendance Across Midnight

SAP SuccessFactors’ time management is truly enhanced now, especially with this functionality that enables employees to record their attendances across midnight. This functionality is built on the solution’s existing competencies that allow employees to request absences across midnight.

This enables employees to seamlessly record their working time while working on a night shift. Further, employees can even add a +1 day indicator with the record just to ensure that there is no further confusion. Organizations can avail of many perks from this functionality as it will enable them to ensure compliance with the local rules to determine the premiums earned by the employee as well as the tax associated with working particular times during the night.  

Team Absence Calendar Permission

Conventionally, organizations using the SAP SuccessFactors can directly access the team absence calendar with a quick card. However, everyone should not have access to this quick card, so organizations can now decide on the people who get access to the card by leveraging the permission settings. For example, suppose a specific group of employees should be restricted from gaining access to the quick card. Then, one can create their own permission group and refrain from setting the permission depicted below.

In addition, there is more that one can derive from this permission. One needs to set the permission whenever they need a quick card to access the team absence calendar. However, not setting the permission does not just restrict access to the quick card but also restricts access to the team absence calendar.

Many SAP SuccessFactors users wanted an option that would allow them to disable the team absence calendar for a specific group of employees. While this was not possible earlier, the navigation to the team absence calendar from the time off UIs was already there. However, this enhancement now allows one to eliminate navigation without any hassle.

Rule Function for Allowance Recording Validation in Time Sheet

Another recent enhancement can be found in the rule function that can be used to save validation rules for the timesheet. Let’s better understand this with the help of an example. Suppose one needs to check the allowance in general or any specific type of allowance to sum up the occurrence of the allowances when the period is already specified. 

Hence the return value here is the number of allowances. This will allow the users to prompt an error where suppose there was an attempt to record a specific type of allowance for over ten or even five times in a given time frame of thirty days.


There is no denying that SAP is always striving to enhance its existing solutions to meet the demands and requirements of organizations better. Similarly, this was another successful effort from SAP that made SAP SuccessFactors Time Management even better for both management of organizations and the employees of the organization. Therefore, make the most of these enhancements and reach out to the experts at our SAP consulting company to learn more about SAP SuccessFactors.