Highlights for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central New Release 1H 2021


Highlights for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central New Release 1H 2021

Is your enterprise already using the SAP SuccessFactors solution?

In that case, you must be updated with their latest 2021 version that just got public. The platform’s latest model is now being called SAP SuccessFactors 1H 2021.

The best part about it is that if you are compatible with the older platform, you will absolutely love using this one.

From the reviews of the early adopters of this solution, the company kept in mind the users’ hurdles in operations and implemented changes accordingly. The platform now allows several UI improvements that enable users to access different information from one single page. Moreover, it also allows better reforms, with respect to efficient checking tools in the latest version.

Checking tools that can now find out data discrepancies automatically, and can also identify invalid permits based on the absence of relevant data. SuccessFactors latest update also encourages many international vendors to adopt this latest edition with their country/ region-specific modifications.

In the following part, we will be having a brief idea about the significant changes that occurred in the latest update of SAP SuccessFactors.

Highlights of New Release of SAP SuccessFactors:

The latest update adds many new innovations onto the existing SAP Successfactors for Employees. Most of these are targeted towards making the process more flexible and more efficient. The 1H 2021 primary focuses on the employees who form the core of any enterprise.

Following is a list of the latest innovations that are being implemented on a global level:

  • Survey HRIS Sync Mappings in Business Configuration User Interface – With this UI update, users are now able to analyze all HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Sync Mappings over one single screen. It also identifies the replicated mappings and highlights them for a more accessible association. The highlight of duplicate data reduces the chances of any data
  • Rule Outline for Cross Entities – Now, a precept outline can manage cross entity rules that change the target entity when triggered by the reference entity. These cross object rules are very important while changing job information about different employees. This information is then used for updating compensation information and job relationships.
  • Export of Succession Data Models – This was a very long-awaited feature as the number of tasks that went into the Succession Data Model was enormous. So, with the help of this new feature, both the country or the region-specific data models can be exported easily from the Admin Center. Using this feature the user can also eliminate the need for an incorporation partner for exporting such data models.
  • Deep Link to View-Dependent Details – This new feature allows users to stay on the benefits enrollment page and access the dependent’s block in the “people profile”. These links allow users to access a particular page in the SAP SuccessFactors application directly.
  • Check Tool for Pay Component Where-Used List – This is a brand new tool added to the SAP SuccessFactors 2021 version. The Check tool for pay allows users to make a list of employees that use a specific pay component tool. The pay component cannot be manipulated from the company’s end. This check tool only helps in getting a verified list of the employees using these pay components.
  • Improved Centralized Abilities for Data Imports – The latest centralized aids improve the system’s flexibility by allowing it to import data from multiple sources. It supports data related to jobs, compensation, recurring fee element, or social accounts information. These data sets help import and support the latest business rules and functions like identical data suppression and deletion of employee data.
  • Finding Invalid Work Permits using advanced Checking Tool – The 2021 version of SAP SuccessFactors can perform different checks, involving duplicate permits or the ones with vacant business keys. Any permit with a duplicate key or empty keys is considered invalid. The system checks for four specific fields under the permit records: country, type of document, document amount, and User ID information. The user will check the validity of these work licenses and solve these issues by correcting the questionable data.
  • Automation of the Enrollment Processes due to Job Transfer – The 2021 upgrade enables seamless handling of HR tasks related to hiring new employees, termination of term, and rehire procedures. These processes form the core of the Intelligent Service Events (ISE).

With this update, the system automatically triggers an ISE, when a particular job change affects the benefit eligibility of the employees. This covers all viable reasons for a job change like legal entities, locations, departments, or other factors.

  • Customization using the Enhanced UI Integration Cards – The SAP team is on the path of making the ultimate HR management software as they are putting a lot of thought into the minute details. This customization feature will indirectly contribute to the increased user base of SAP SuccessFactors in the coming years.

This UI enhancement will allow the user to customize the visible information on the cards by using card parameter configurators. Apart from this, the user will display the Job Relationships and the Organizational Aspects sections in reports.

  • Segment Dropdowns in the Navigation Bar under People Profile – This has been one of the much-awaited features of the SuccessFactors platforms. The section dropdown feature drastically improves the user experience. The introduction of dropdowns for every section in the People profile navigation bar provides universal access to these subsections.
  • Custom Field Availability in Story Reports – Custom field availability was one of the most requested features of the SAP SuccessFactors community. This feature allows you to see the code and label of an object directly from the Employee Central. In this way, a custom field based on an object is created on Employee Central. It can be very easily accessed as it will appear on the table in the Query Designer.

List of the latest innovations that are country/region specific:

  • Gender Field for countries/regions like Austria, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Specialized home and corporate address information range for Singapore.
  • Social insurance domain for Saudi Arabia.
  • Address verification feature for people living in the U.S.A.
  • National ID for people living in Chile.
  • Municipality picklist dropdown for people in the Polish version.
  • Postal code validation in Taiwan.
  • Province selection chart for the inhabitants of Italy and region picklist options for those living in Norway.


As seen from the above lists, there are quite some new and exciting innovations in the latest SAP SuccessFactors 2021. Most of these changes are done by keeping the requests of SAP service users in mind. There are a lot of minor upgrades and fixes in most of the segments.

The SAP SuccessFactors user community is delighted with the latest features and updates. The features in this edition are more focused on increasing the platform’s user-friendliness and becoming a globally accepted HR solution for their region-specific reforms.