Glimpse of Top 5 Features from SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022


Glimpse of Top 5 Features from SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022

What is the best thing about being an SAP customer? The quarterly and bi-yearly releases from SAP. SAP is one of those few solution providers in the market that provides its users with different releases that come with upgrades for the existing solution. As a result, SAP users are always equipped with the latest updated technologies.

Now there is good news for all SAP Analytics Cloud users as the SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022 Release is here. The release comes with many new and exciting features that will equip your business with a robust foundation. However, this post will give you an insight into the top 5 features from SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022. So, continue reading to get a better understanding of what this release is about.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud, also known as SAP SAC, is a cloud-based business intelligence platform. The platform comes well equipped with some of the most advanced technologies to help businesses understand their data. As a result, SAP Analytics Cloud gives you access to three of the most powerful tools, including predictive analytics, business intelligence, and planning.

The platform is accessible in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode allowing you to address many business challenges with a single tool. SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to create comprehensible data visualizations and stories. These things make it easier to get the message to the audience effectively. Besides, the data management and modeling capabilities of this solution are unmatched.

Top 5 Picks from SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022

1. Efficacious Designing Enhancements

Stories and other forms of data visualization have long been key to the SAP Analytics Cloud experience. Consequently, there was a big focus on enhancing the performance and experience of how users consume these visualizations. This was evident with the release of the Optimized View Mode followed by Optimized Design Experience. These enhancements will deliver a greater design experience for analysts and IT designing complex or large stories.

For instance, designers can now access many such enhancements on the performance front based on their workflows. Editing and creating stories is now much easier, with redoing and undoing capabilities to enhance the experience. Furthermore, designers can seamlessly create new stories or even convert existing stories into optimized story designers. But SAP experts also suggest users can expect even more from the latest Optimized Designer Experience. Thus, the best one can do is wait and watch.

2. Bind Custom Widget Data

The Analytics Designer is one of the best-known functionalities in the SAP Analytics Cloud. The Custom Widget framework is a part of the Analytics Designer. This functionality makes it easier for designers to extend all predefined widget sets in their own custom widgets. As a result, the overall experience becomes much better for designers. For instance, suppose your predefined widget set does not have any specific function within the analytical application. Or you need a certain element to enhance the user interface. You might even need a specific data visualization.

These are some areas where designers had to go through a bit of hassle earlier. Previously, application designers had to use hidden tools for binding their data to their custom widgets. However, that is now changing with the new ability to bind your data to your custom widget. This direct approach through the builder panel will make your analytical applications far smoother and better. But this is only available in Optimized View Mode.

3. Fluid Data Entry

Optimization of user experience through better performance has been a key motive behind the recent SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022. In this spirit, SAP Analytics Cloud now comes with a new mode for data entry called Fluid Data Entry.

Currently, there are only two different data entry modes, including single data entry and mass data entry. The single data entry mode sends data back to the server from the system where there is an update. The server then recalculates the data and updates it on all the widgets within a given page. As a result, this process becomes very inefficient.

However, the mass data entry mode makes it easier to lose interactivity with all the widgets as it allows one to make several updates with no time lag whatsoever. Fortunately, the Fluid Data Entry mode is different from the other two modes. This mode allows users to make updates, allowing the server to recalculate within a pause. This way, users still retain their ability to maintain seamless interactivity.

4. Flexible Time

Planning management without access to all-time dimensions with attention to detail can be a challenge. For instance, suppose you are running a retail store that follows its own weekly or other specific periods to divide a fiscal year. Period of time intervals can be unique to every retailer because there are many factors to influence it. Previously, such retailers came across many challenges with the SAP Analytics Cloud solution that lacked the flexibility to help users customize timings.

However, this is changing with the SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022, which comes with a flexible time feature. As a result, you can seamlessly enable both User-Managed Time and System with no complexities. This means you get support for the 53rd week, weekly pattern, and mix weekly patterns with other details to suit your preferences.

5. Mobile Application for Android Devices

Saving the best for the last, SAP Analytics Cloud now has a mobile app version optimized for all Android users. This transformation revolutionizes how users and customers interact and engage with the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. Consequently, it becomes much easier for all Android users to access the SAP Analytics Cloud solution on the go and keep themselves updated with real-time information.

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022 certainly came with a plethora of features and capabilities. These features and functionalities will help your business strive for greater heights, equipped with the most advanced tools in its arsenal. So, leverage the well-crafted functionalities of the SAP Analytics Cloud planning and drive better results with minimal hassle.