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 Accelerated Invoicing with Accely

E-invoicing was first adapted by the Denmark government in 2005. Many countries followed this trend to accelerate business revenue, and now, almost every country has adapted e-invoicing as a part of digitalization. This helps businesses to enhance their communication with other businesses and enrich the payment terms.

E-invoicing for businesses

Invoicing is a complex and time-consuming method. There are various processes involved in invoicing, including expensive managerial labor. Additionally, it has a chance of getting abandoned or ignored by the officials. Also, the phenomena can have a harsh impact on startups and small enterprises. You cannot even overlook forgery, as there is a high chance that an invoice can get misplaced and misused by people.

To understand how invoicing works, let’s take an example of medical reimbursement. To request the payment from your office or insurance company, you need to either post a hardcopy of the bill or send the soft copy via Gmail or Docs.

The recipient will receive the document, check it, and pay thereafter. Then s/he will keep the payment transaction history and invoice for future reference.

E-invoicing: What, How and Why

People tend to confuse digital invoices with an e-invoice. However, e-invoice has legal norms and can change from country to country. The encoding guidelines are formed by Electronic Data Interchange Standards.

Every country has its own set of formats for e-invoicing, such as XML, PDF, and CSV. The revamped versions of the formats make invoice creation easy.

Definition of E-invoicing

  • The trade of documents between the supplier and the consumer in an amalgamated electronic layout.
  • Electronic invoice lies under B2B format. The invoice should contain information from the other end in a layout that can be consolidated into the consumer’s AP network without any input from the consumer’s Account Payable administrator.

How Does E-invoicing Work?

The sole objective of e-invoicing is to make business-related work paperless, fast and hasslefree. All the members of a trading community should follow the basic encoding guidelines. The processes involved in creating paperless invoices depend on the nature of the transaction. It also involves agents, such as from the Custom and Excise Department, financial institutions, transport managers, and insurers.

Government officials are a very important member of this chain. So, to encourage e-invoicing, the administrative department should create omnipresent formats, components, dispatch service, and legal degrees.

The full chain of e-invoicing:

  • Converting a hard copy document into an electronic statement
  • Generation of an e-bill
  • Dispatching the electronic document
  • Receiving the electronic bill
  • Automatic access to the consumers’ AS
  • Assessing the entry in the accounting system
  • Choosing the payment method
  • Receiving final agreement for payment

Why is E-invoicing a Popular Element?

E-invoicing cuts off logistic expenses, and also contributes to eradicating paper used for documentation, and keeping transaction history. E-invoicing eliminates human intervention in processes, such as documenting, printing, storing, emailing, and checking paper-based invoices.

The adoption of the electronic medium makes the billing procedure fast and efficient. The updates and duration of the billing chain make the document transmission faster for payment approval. The dispute management system generates a quick and seamless user experience. The payer can check the invoice status and updates, and calculate the cash flow, helping to construct effective capital management.

You can even get bounties or discounts for instant payments. These marketing strategies attract more consumers and encourage timely payments. Earlier, the advantages of e-invoicing were restricted to large enterprises but now this practice is benefiting small and medium-sized businesses too.

Here are some key benefits of e-invoicing

  • A taxpayer needs to document the invoices only one-time to get validation from the GST portal. Once they are authenticated, the details will automatically be uploaded to GSTR. This process eliminates human intervention, resulting in less costing and error.
  • Electronic invoicing enables suppliers to check real-time updates on invoices. This permits the rapid availability of ITC (Input Tax Credit).
  • The inclusion of government authorities makes this process reliable and forgery-free.
  • The invoices are built following a standard format, so the invoice built with one software is readable in various software. This promotes interoperability.
  • Once the invoice is uploaded in the GST forum for validation, the buyer also receives the invoice in the registered mail ID. Consumers can store the invoice for future reference.
  • E-invoicing curbs tax evasion by authorizing access to on-spot data. This lowers the chances of e-invoice manipulation as the invoice gets generated before the transaction. This solution also discourages forging GST invoices and ITC claims.


Why Choose Accely for E-invoicing?

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E-invoicing is helping large, small, and medium enterprises grow exponentially. The automated features make it an error-free approach. Gone are the days when businesses used to face difficulties in filing invoices. With e-invoicing, the supplier can access real-time updates and status of the payment.