Five Reasons to use SAP BTP Launchpad Service for enhancing SAP Solutions


Five Reasons to use SAP BTP Launchpad Service for enhancing SAP Solutions

This blog article focuses on five essential features of the Launchpad service that are critical for anyone wishing to expand their SAP solutions. Subscribing to this service on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) provides enterprises with several advantages.

Before talking about reasons to adopt SAP BTP, let’s take a quick glance at what SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is:

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

SAP Business Technology Platform is the platform that enables you to transform into an intelligent enterprise by integrating, extending, and converting data from all SAP and third-party application and data assets while assuring long-term success through agility, value generation, and continual innovation Database and data administration, analytics, application development, and integration are all covered.

SAP BTP is a single, business-oriented open platform for the entire SAP ecosystem, which enables users to integrate data and create value from it while expanding its SAP and third-party solution landscape to meet changing business requirements.

So, getting a by and large idea about what SAP BTP does now talking about the five reasons to go with this excellent business platform.

A central access provider for SAP Applications

SAP Business Technology Platform’s Launchpad solution provides a cloud-based Fiori Launchpad. SAP users can utilize this as a single point of entry to access applications across their whole landscape. Many clients are beginning to use the Launchpad service as a central entry point for providing applications to their end-users. End clients can consistently explore various arrangements without validating themselves.

Starting today, the Launchpad administration upholds content organization of applications from on-premise arrangements like S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, SAP Enterprise Portal, and cloud arrangements like S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP). With the substance organization approach, applications stay in the particular backend SAP frameworks and are presented to the Launchpad administration through a Common Data Model (CDM). Aside from uncovering the substance, the Launchpad administration likewise offers focal administrations like Notifications, Inbox, and Enterprise Search, which will apply to the associated backend frameworks. If it’s not too much trouble, audit the SAP Roadmap with respect to when a portion of these abilities will be made accessible for various SAP arrangements.


It’s also imperative to note that the Launchpad administration will incorporate all the custom applications you may have to assemble and send on SAP BTP. Thus, end clients gain admittance to all the applications (Standard/Custom) across the board in a single spot.

The reach of the process is Extended

One more typical use of the Launchpad administration is to broaden the compass of your cycles outside your corporate organization. You can make a few Launchpad destinations on SAP BTP, each focusing on various personas. For instance: one for Employees and one more for your sellers.

This doesn’t need uncovering your SAP backend frameworks to the web. SAP Cloud Connector introduced on your reason safely opens the substance to the Launchpad administration for utilization by approved clients.

Extension of Fiori apps are build and enhanced

The Launchpad administration additionally empowers you to send and run Fiori applications on SAP BTP. These applications could be expansions to your SAP arrangements which you can foster utilizing instruments like SAP Business Application Studio. In one of our previous blog entries, we have explained how this is diverse to conveying applications utilizing the Cloud Foundry runtime.

Launchpad administration uses the supervised application switch, which is utilized to serve static substance, validate clients, rework URLs, and forward or intermediary solicitations to other miniature administrations while engendering client data.

Utilizing the Cloud Foundry runtime to convey applications dependent on a hub is/python (bilingual cloud-local applications) and so on. For HTML5 based applications, utilizing the oversaw application switch given by the SAP Launchpad administration is a superior decision.



Your Users Authentication

The Identity Authentication administration (IAS) on SAP BTP is predicated Identity Provider of SAP’s Cloud, employed to validate clients. With ongoing changes, Identity Authentication administration is currently included for nothing as a component of the SAP BTP membership.



According to this update, organizations can use IAS in authenticating users of the Fiori Launchpad on SAP BTP. If you are using a local identity provider and want to migrate to a cloud-based solution, then IAS is a service worth considering. The most common situation is that a customer already has an existing SAML-based corporate identity provider and uses IAS as a proxy to access SAP cloud solutions.

Therefore, users continue to use their existing access data to access SAP cloud solutions. IAS can be used in scenarios where you want to provide applications to external vendors/suppliers and do not want to manage and manage these external users in your corporate identity provider.

The Identity Configuration Service (IPS) on SAP BTP is also used to configure users and manage user roles in cloud solutions. This is also provided as part of the SAP BTP subscription.

Move your process with SAP Mobile Start

SAP Mobile Start is the recently launched native online mobile application. It is the mobile companion of the Launchpad service. Every customer who has subscribed to the Launchpad service can access SAP Mobile Start. This mobile application provides users with a local entry point for accessing web-based applications and native applications from mobile devices. It allows the application to be viewed as a widget, accessible through Spotlight search, etc., thereby deeply integrating with the user experience of the mobile device.

SAP Mobile Start presents the content configured in the Launchpad service and displays notifications sent by the back-end SAP system. For Fiori applications and content in the back-end SAP system, it uses the SAP Cloud Connector to provide this content. This means you don’t have to expose your system to the Internet; you can move your critical processes quickly.




SAP’s suite has always been outstanding in terms of business process solutions and services. If you look at all the key features of SAP BTP.

As mentioned above, it will clearly show how it can help make complex tasks go smoothly.