Everything you need to know about SAP Emarsys Platform


Everything you need to know about SAP Emarsys Platform

Effective marketing has always been a challenge for businesses. However, thanks to technological advancement, businesses can now avail of numerous tools that can simplify marketing and drive better customer engagement.

One such tool is Emarsys, which was recently acquired by SAP in November of 2020. This tool has proven to be very effective in enabling businesses to realize business goals at a hastened pace. This is primarily achieved through the automation of personalized and omnichannel engagement of customer experiences. But what is Emarsys all about? Continue reading to learn more on the subject.

What is SAP Emarsys?

Formally known as SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement is a tool that enables businesses to track customer interactions with varied channels and webshops of the business. Emarsys then matches the interactions with a humongous statistical model to generate highly accurate predictions. These predictions help businesses determine the ideal time and approach to reach customers as well as their probable response to the content featured in front of them. This can be highly beneficial for the business because a happy customer always translates to better revenue generation.

Omnichannel Competencies of SAP Emarsys

As you already know by now, SAP Emarsys is equipped with many nuanced competencies that enable businesses to drive cross-channel integration and orchestrate their campaigns with the utmost effectiveness. Therefore, continue reading as we explore these nuanced omnichannel competencies of SAP Emarsys and understand how they can benefit your business.

  • AI-Driven SMS Marketing: Personalized SMSs have become one of the most effective ways to drive engagement and amplify the overall results of the business. Unlike other online channels of engaging with customers, SMS marketing enables businesses to reach customers even when they are offline. Pairing that with the extensive capabilities of artificial intelligence can help a business facilitate automated SMS campaigns with texts relevant to the customers.
  • AI-Driven Email Marketing: Email marketing has gained a lot of prominence among marketers as more and more people now have access to the internet. Email marketing with SAP Emarsys means leveraging the AI competencies to deliver effective personalization in real-time. This is a great way to convert potential customers into paying customers and keep existing customers in touch with the business.
  • Web Personalization: Augment your website and drive effective personalization by leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence. This will help customers find whatever they are looking for without any hassle, further contributing to a great customer experience. SAP Emarsys enables you to generate valuable insights from historical CRM data and customize every content to suit the customers’ unique preferences.
  • Mobile App Engagement: The other effective way to engage customers is through in-app engagement. SAP Emarsys enables businesses to deliver 1:1 personalization engagements in real-time. This personalization is facilitated by leveraging the product, customer, and sales data across all the channels.
  • Engagement With Digital Advertising: SAP Emarsys is one of those few platforms that enable businesses to leverage CRM data and engage the contacts in real-time. This data is further used to personalize the advertising efforts across varied channels, including search, display, and socials, for generating cross-channel revenue for the business.
  • Contact Center Interactions: Customer service representatives can do wonders when provided with relevant data about the customers. SAP Emarsys enables businesses to provide their customer support representatives with engagement data enabling them to deliver personalized customer support. This can help the business reduce churn and increase purchases with enhanced customer satisfaction.

How does SAP Emarsys benefit Marketers?

SAP Emarsys is a platform designed explicitly for marketers; hence it goes without saying that it has numerous perks for marketers. Therefore, let’s check out some of these perks.

  • Integrated Data Layer: Marketers can now facilitate effective personalization on every interaction with customers. This is made possible by integrating varied data sources from the business and activating the same across every business channel.
  • Personalization Engine: SAP Emarsys enables marketers to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence and access customer data to generate valuable insights. These insights can further be used to augment the marketing efforts to deliver customers precisely what they want and when they want it.
  • Automated Marketing: Gone are the days when marketers had to drain efforts in executing simple campaigns. Thanks to SAP Emarsys, marketers can now automate these single-channel campaigns or create highly sophisticated cross-channel journeys at extensive scales.
  • Cross-Channel Execution: Cross-channel execution from SAP Emarsys enables marketers to deliver consistent and relevant messaging across varied channels. These channels include web, email, mobile, SMS, and more. This gives one an opportunity to engage customers through any channel and drive up the business’s customer engagement.
  • Customer Lifecycle Management: This feature enables marketers to facilitate the segmentation of contacts based on the lifecycle and deploy effective marketing tactics to convert a first-time shopper to a loyal customer. Other than that, one can even view the reports of the lifecycle from the same integrated platform.
  • Analytics And Intelligence: Leveraging the competencies of SAP predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, marketers can evaluate and even measure the outcome of customers. This also helps one drive optimization and boost engagement without the assistance of any dedicated data team.
  • Tactics And Strategies: Using the SAP Emarsys platform enables marketers to align all strategies with pre-built tactics. These tactics can include the best practices that can be customized before being deployed to customer journeys to suit the unique requirements of the business and marketing campaigns. The cherry on top of all that is all these strategies are ready to be deployed based on the preferences of the business.
  • Omni-channel Integrations: SAP Emarsys provides marketers with unmatched omnichannel integrations that can help the business hasten the business results. This is made possible with unmatched channels, enabling one to drive effective personalizations in campaigns and drive amplified growth.

In Conclusion

SAP Emarsys is one of a kind platform that can be very beneficial for the business and their marketing efforts. This solution will help one augment their marketing in this digital age and take their business to customers before competitors. Therefore, reach the experts at our SAP consulting company and see how they transform your marketing.