Delve into new possibilities for your business from RISE with SAP S/4 HANA


Delve into new possibilities for your business from RISE with SAP S/4 HANA

Big organizations and enterprises across the globe have to deal with the challenge of continuously changing business environments. To stay ahead, they must adapt to changing expectations of customers, create new business models, and increase the transparency and flexibility of the supply chain. To meet all these challenges SAP has taken the responsibility to deliver a solution that enables companies to integrate and optimize their end-to-end processes and ultimately function as a smart business entity.

Since the time SAP S/4 HANA ERP system launched it has been accepted by a wide range of organizations around the world. SAP S/4 HANA has simply become a vital system by integrating different intelligence technologies such as machine learning, SAP advanced analytics, and AI. Apart from these, several new features have also been added that gives your organization an opportunity to choose from multiple options.


RISE with SAP, through this new business transformation as a service SAP provides a suite of products and services to help its customers start their smart business journey at their own pace and conditions. Together with our ecosystem, SAP provides clients with services and tools ranging from business process redesign to cloud infrastructure and technology migration services. The product also includes access to the SAP business technology platform and the SAP business network, with access to more than 5 million interconnected companies in more than 200 countries. RISE with SAP also includes its market-leading intelligent ERP, SAP S/4 HANA Cloud.

From the above paragraph, a question arises, why this business transformation as a service is important, so let’s talk about the reasons why this is so?

  • In the past, we saw customers migrating to the cloud and paid great attention to technology migration. But the real value comes from adopting an improved business process while going for cloud migration. This is the whole point of RISE with SAP.
  • Customers face complexity when modernizing their (usually heavily modified) system environment. Many customers have individual requirements because they have customized the environment, and these requirements are different from those customers who can immediately start their cloud journey. This is why RISE with SAP provides customers with a different starting point to redesign their processes and realize the intelligent enterprise journey.
  • To make life easier for our customers, they use subscription-based products provided by SAP, which include hyper-scale infrastructure, relevant product suites, and the services and tools needed for transformation. In this way, our customers can focus on the value-added business transformation aspects of their journey, rather than the technical details of cloud migration. We hope that customers can benefit from custom code analysis and migration services so that they can migrate to SAP S/4HANA Cloud without losing configuration while keeping the core clean. In addition, we want to simplify their path forward by allowing our installed customers to move from a licensing and maintenance model to a subscription model, which ultimately means moving from CAPEX to OPEX.

Reason to bring RISE with SAP

The initial aim to bring RISE with SAP is to give organizations simpler and faster access to the intelligent suite so that they can take greater advantage of innovation in the cloud. It helps firms to transform digitally at their own pace and at their own terms.

SAP’s intelligent suite integrates key business processes and, more importantly, enables companies to reinvent the way their business operates. The core of the smart enterprise is the continuous flow of data throughout the supply and demand chain. When you have the right context to obtain relevant information to support business decisions, the value of data will be realized. Smart integration is the foundation of any smart suite, enabling customers to drive innovation at scale, whether it’s to continually increase operational efficiency or take advantage of revenue growth opportunities.

Key components of RISE with SAP

  • The analysis component allows data scientists to delve into the data in the system to see which ones are working properly and which ones are not, to understand how users work within the system, and so on.
  • Through the design and simulation components, users can use existing business data to create and run business simulations to see which items can give the best results.
  • The improvement component provides ways to improve efficiency with advanced process automation tools such as artificial intelligence, no-code automation, and SAP Intelligent RPA.
  • The deployment and control component focuses on process management and control for end-users and enables collaboration by deploying key documents to all users from a single source.
  • The monitor components maintain a tab on the performance of the solution to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
  • Models and management home-based components are deployed and reconnected to management components, providing departments with a management area where they can collaborate and view critical processes.
  • The benchmark component shows how your business compares against the consolidated industry information provided by SAP, providing specific comparative analysis and recommendations on where improvement can occur.


Rapidly evolving new technologies provide every single possibility for companies to expand their reach and RISE with SAP gives you a way to overcome the hurdles that come in your path to growth. It gives an easier option for moving to a cloud platform. In this era where new technology is evolving every day RISE with SAP gives you that edge to stay smart and updated.