COVID-19 – Accely & SAP Joint Initiative For Digital Logistics Exchange for Last-Mile Delivery


Accely & SAP Joint Initiative For Digital Logistics Exchange for Last-Mile Delivery

With Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) creating pandemic and more and more deaths since its inception last December, The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in a lot of consequences. It is a direct threat to human life and businesses alike. It is, therefore, essential to be mindful of the available resources and optimal use of them.

Accely has partnered with SAP to launch digital logistic exchange solutions for retail and CPG customers to ensure the smooth delivery of essentials. Accely & SAP has taken an initiative to keep business moving during COVID-19.


Major Roadblocks Faced by Retailers and Supply Chain Owners

Supermarket Last-Mile Delivery
  • Acquiring orders online but cannot deliver
  • Un-certain times to on-board some investment on fleet
  • Fail to provide same-day delivery and panic customers
  • No one is in search for a taxi
  • Restaurants are closed so no food delivery
  • No courier or parcel services
  • Loss on human and fleet cost


Implement An Effective Transport Management Solution with Last-Mile Delivery ecosystem


1) Integration with your e-commerce & ERP system for Order Management

  • Streamline inventory process- An integration of your eCommerce business with ERP software helps you to track updates in the process. The system can manage inventory levels accurately and manage without any additional manpower.
  • Manage demands- This integration can help you to manage an increasing number of orders and with the minimum workforce.
  • Flexibility- You can add multiple orders in the sales channel and you don’t have to lose your operational efficiency.

2) Autonomous vs Supervised Route Optimization

  • Negligible dependency- Autonomous route optimization is AI-backed and hence is not dependent on human intelligence.

Real-time data- This autonomous feature provides you with real-time data and provides you with updated data.


Transport Management Solution


3) Intelligent clubbing of Orders

Retailers can allocate orders based on their priorities.

4) Schedule + On-demand Dispatch Planning

This system can help retailers manage scheduled orders and simultaneously manage on-demand orders. You can also re-route orders on the way.

5) Vehicle Allocation Engine

It is important to ensure the safe handling of vehicles in this crucial situation. Ignorance of any vehicle maintenance can be a huge threat. Make sure that your vehicles are in good condition to avoid any sudden breakdown.

 6) Optimal Fleet mix with own fleet and third party fleet

There are varied advantages and disadvantages of your own fleet and third party fleet. An optimal fleet mix is determined based on the existing business needs. With the current COVID-19 crisis and increased demands, it is wise to have the adequate potential for your own fleet and third party fleet.

7) Mobile Enabled

You need an effective and functional mobile app that can help you with the following-

  •  Acquire real-time inventory information – The mobile app can help you to manage inventory and acquire accurate information of products flowing in and out.
  • Resource management – You have a better understanding of the tasks in hand and can allocate them wisely to meet the deadlines.

Trace locations – The mobile app can help you to trace the driver’s location. You can precisely locate vehicle and delivery information.


Learn How SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) Can Work Wonders For your Business

There are several advantages of SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN)-

  • You can directly get in touch with your logistics partners.
  • You can manage and exchange documents and insights with your network.
  • It helps you to jointly manage logistics networks.
  • It can help you align logistics activities based on your partner’s technical ability.
  • You can integrate with your backend system and make optimal use of the logistics network.
  • It provides you accurate information on the flow of products.
  • You have better business progress tracing ability.
  • You get a notification for all updates.
  • It helps you to improve end-to-end supply chain efficiency and visibility.


SAP Transport Management: Plan Customer Deliveries

Features Benefits
  • You can load optimization/ load planning.
  • It helps you to build smart packages.
  • You can schedule delivery and acquire better driver management.
  • You can streamline the process to 3 people.
  • It helps you to reduce transportation costs.
  • You acquire higher and faster order fulfillment.
  • Organize inventory across the value chain.


SAP TM & LBN(FC): Onboard your Delivery Partner In case of Increased Demand

Features Benefits
  • You can trace other delivery partners on the network to improve your reach.
  • It helps you connect with logistics partners and enable out-of-the-box business process collaboration.
  • You can jointly manage logistics transactions in the network
  • 20% decrease in unplanned costs.
  • 50% improved efficiency due to supply collaboration.

A Lucrative Delivery Mobile App To Ensure Smooth Transit

  • Effortless onboarding – A simple, intuitive native iOS and Android apps with interactive walkthroughs. This makes it convenient to onboard new drivers.
  • Analyze and improve – You can improve productivity with the help of detailed task history and in-depth driver performance metrics.
  • Real-time data – You can acquire every detail of your consumer, order details and navigate. Use Google Maps or Apple Maps to avoid traffic.
  • Proof of delivery – Enforce completion requirements via an in-app collection of signatures, photos, notes, and barcodes.


Get A Glimpse Of The Splendid Outcome

The Real Outcome of this solution and how this initiative helps for Last-Mile Delivery for retailer & CPG Consumers   The following was achieved through this partnership-


Super Markets Last-Mile Delivery
  • All the orders were successfully completed.
  • Retailers could provide same-day delivery to customers.
  • Reduced or almost nil investment to grow the fleet.
  • Retailers could track records accurately.
  • Bikes could deliver small orders while taxis delivered huge orders.
  • It increased economic opportunity for everyone.
  • Smooth pick-up from nearby locations.
  • Reliable and all the necessary information was available on the app. 



This is an impeccable yet rare combination of SAP and Last-Mile Delivery that can help retailers boost business efficiency. Amid the COVID-19 chaos, a smooth, secure and timely delivery is a huge relief for the super markets as well as Last-Mile Delivery.