Cornerstones to SAP Hybris: Hybris Commerce, Hybris Billing & C4C


Cornerstones to SAP Hybris

Known for its versatility, SAP Hybris has conquered the market with advanced features that are attracting various giant companies to implement it. You might be aware of SAP Hybris, and it does not need any introduction, but what you should know is the major benefits from the hundreds of benefits of implementing it in your business.

  • Omni-channel Versatility

SAP Hybris offers the businesses serving a huge customer base with an Omni-channel that will provide all the solutions whether it is B2B or B2C in a single platform to engage the customers.

  • Integrated and modular

As Hybris is famous for integrating various functionalities and features into your system and at the same time it is made up of modules which constitutes a highly scalable system.

  • Customer-centric operations

Hybris products are designed such that they focus on customer demands and needs. They are adaptable with the changing dynamics of customer engagements and all the data of the customer is fetched beforehand to generate leads by integration with CRM.

  • Deals with high volumes of data

The architecture of Hybris is such that it can handle very high volumes of data and this is what makes it popular among the giants with multiple big data streams.

  • Multi-channel, multi-vendor and supports multiple-languages

The core features of SAP Hybris include multi-channel and multi-vendor solutions that solve the main concern of handling multi-channel campaigns to handle all the interactions perfectly.

  • Overall flexibility

SAP Hybris provides flexibility in all the terms, as this solution is designed with a primary focus to incorporate changes, implement extensions, plug-ins, add-ons, etc. with utmost ease.

SAP Hybris is getting all the limelight currently, but there are other systems giving a tough competition to Hybris in the market. But owing to the enhanced features provided by Hybris, it is gaining popularity across the globe. Here is a brief view of the market share of Hybris.

SAP Hybris has even conquered all the industries and is constantly expanding its reign. Whether it is retail or real-estate, Hybris is everywhere and serving all the sectors with tailor-made solutions. Here is sneak peek of the industries in which Hybris has established its strong foot.

SAP Hybris

There are a number of reasons accounting for the success of SAP Hybris, but the main pillars that have kept it strong are:

  • Hybris Billing
  • Hybris Commerce
  • C4C

Hybris Billing

This SAP Hybris product lays focus on revenue management and billing/invoicing solutions. This has made Hybris even more powerful and popular among the big companies and giants. The major areas covered by Hybris billing are:

  • Effective management of order and contracts to simplify the humungous task of co-ordination
  • Covers and efficiently manages all the tasks related to billing and revenue in subscription order management
  • You get the complete control of your data with ease to make desired use of it. You can streamline the data real-time across various systems too
  • Ability to create personalized billing models for the customers to reduce the response time as well
  • Evaluation of usage and services real-time with billing and invoice generation
  • Combine a number of billing streams into one invoice
  • Enhance your business with complete revenue management practices provided by Hybris
  • Complete your complex billing tasks with ease

Hybris Commerce

Hybris Commerce is acting as a boon for all the businesses owing to the plethora of services that are provided by it. The major benefit is that is provides everything in one place making it easier for the managers to monitor and take decisions without much hassle. A few ways in which Hybris is fueled by Hybris Commerce are mentioned here,

  • The highest level of flexibility is provided by Hybris Commerce as it can fit into any type of business efficiently and without much hassle.
  • A single platform that can provide service to all the customers, B2C and B2B. Hybris Commerce allows the integration of multiple stores and to target both customers as well as business partners.
  • The time to market significantly decreases as Hybris Commerce arranges the components of your business effectively on the new platform and that too by providing a bespoke solution matching the business requirements.
  • Your sales will get a hike once Hybris Commerce is integrated and starts its processes. With well-integrated solutions and a platform that is designed to increase online sales leads you to achieve success.
  • Hybris Commerce makes sure that the customers and vendors/business owners can communicate from almost any means that they feel comfortable.


Cloud for customers is acting as a quick replacement of the on-premise cloud which is company-owned and the sole reason is a different approach of building a single solution for sales, marketing, services, and social engagement.

How C4C adds to the benefits of SAP Hybris?

All the features and functionalities are designed such that they meet your industry needs. You get a tailored solution for banking, retail, e-commerce, insurance, etc.

Security is a primary concern addressed by SAP and C4C makes sure it is met. With zero third party interferences.
SAP Hybris C4C integrates very easily with your CRM and provides a smooth process to integrate any applications, software, social networks, etc.

Easy availability on mobile too. You can even access it from mobile phones and that too in offline mode. Thus, you will be able to manage everything, even without an internet connection.

The interface provides an interface that can be used and interpreted easily for smooth functioning.

Final word

SAP Hybris is fueling many well-known companies in the world with utmost flexibility, scalability and satisfying each of the businesses’ demand in the most perfect manner. Whether you go for smooth integration or multi-platform opportunities, Hybris has covered everything. To know more about the SAP Hybris or implement it in your business, send in your details to Accely and we will get back to you with a perfect solution for your business.