Benefits of using SAP cloud platform mobile services


Benefits of using SAP cloud platform mobile services

According to studies, 60% of the organizations use cloud storages for confidential data

The contemporary business world is highly competitive, with the dynamicity of the world constantly altering corporate priorities. With such a changing business environment, the management are demanding multi-functional managerial platforms that are flexible enough to meet the changing corporate requirements.    

Looking at the versatility and integrating the potential of mobile applications, a mobile application can be a one-stop solution for all your ERP needs.

With storage being not a hindrance, mobile applications are the best operational platform one can think of and that’s the reason behind the ultimate popularity of the SAP cloud platform mobile services!

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

Sap Cloud Platform Mobile Services

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services is a one-stop solution for all your app development needs, providing a minimalistic platform for developing enterprise websites. SAP cloud platform integrates the enterprise data with the mobile application to create a common managerial platform, making management efficient and precise.

Why cloud-based application development?

Why cloud-based application development

SAP mobile services equip you with a cloud-based platform for management and analysis, conferring the following advantages:


  • Advanced business intelligence 

SAP’s cloud-based application development enables the enterprise to handle data without complicated data configurations and expert handling staff. Cloud-based business intelligence integration provides real-time data tracking and analysis.

Advanced business intelligence


  • High scalability

Cloud-based platforms possess high scalability when it comes to storing large volumes of data over a single platform. The SAP cloud platform is designed to develop multi-functional mobile services, providing a common platform for all the managerial needs of an enterprise.


  • Easy configuration

Cloud-based solutions are much easier to configure as compared to an on-premises system. SAP cloud platform creates a technical environment that can be configured within 24 hours.  


  • Cost efficiency

SAP cloud platform mobile services are designed for organizations focusing on minimizing capital expenditures rather than reducing the operational costs. Though the initial cost of a cloud may be high, the long term cost of a cloud-based platform is much less than that of an on-premises application. 


  • Data security

SAP mobile application development services provide the most secure hosting environment. The encrypted cloud enables you to store your most confidential information without any worries.

The rising popularity of offline applications

The rising popularity of offline applications

85% of people prefer apps over websites

The availability of networks is a debatable topic. Even in the most developed countries, the unavailability of the network is still a problem when it comes to crowded areas. Online applications betray when it comes to coverage variations, zero reception zones, etc. 

Due to this, offline apps are much more popular than online applications among the corporates. SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services is known for developing hybrid offline applications with a highly configurable technical environment. SAP’s offline apps entitle you the following advantages:

  • Ultimate compatibility with local devices
  • Backend operations integration
  • Highly secured database (UltraLite)
  • Offline read and write modes
  • Automatic rewriting as the user is online.

SAP app development technologies have the potential to develop the most complicated programs that can cater to all the organizational needs with ease. Besides developing new applications, the platform also has tools for developing the customized versions of the existing applications. 

SAP’s Push Notifications Feature

SAP’s Push Notifications Feature

Working as a cohesive team is crucial for the workforce. This is possible only when the employees are in touch with each other. Push notifications intimate the users about the updates taking place in the organization and thus, keep the users in touch with each other as well as with the organization.

Push notifications are a great resort for updating the employees about the product launch or updates in the policies of the organization. They are also useful for feedbacks and answering the queries of the customers and clients. 

SAP cloud platform uses notification platforms like 

  • APNS, 
  • FCM, and 
  • and many more 

These platforms are used to develop iOS, Android, and Windows-based applications for sending intimations to mobile devices, through which the admin can send emergency updates, reminders, and schedule meetings.

Why is the SAP cloud platform the most secured platform among the app development companies?  


The technological advancement is not only improvising the existing systems but also giving rise to more number of black hats. Most of the data generated in an enterprise are confidential and needs to be backed up by high-end security.

SAP knows how much security matters to an enterprise and thus developed the most secure cloud app development platform. SAP’s mobile apps development solution equips you with the most intelligent security features, some of which are mentioned below.

  • User-based access

Only the registered users have permission to access the organization’s data and thus, help in preventing unauthorized break-ins.

  • Access through secured mobile networks

The system allows access only through secured mobile networks. Any suspicious network won’t be able to break-in to the system.

  • Secure authentication against SCP

The users can securely authenticate against the SCP to gain access to the backend system.

  • Secured integration 

Cloud users can use the service as a proxy to other clouds/on-premises identity providers through on-premises credentials authentication.

  • Two-factor authentication

After the user adds correct credentials, he’s provided an OTP to access the application. 

SAP’s mobile development kit

SAP’s mobile development kit


SAP cloud platform mobile services equip the users with a mobile development kit, which is a metadata-driven kit enabling the enterprise to customize the native SAP applications to create new applications for iOS and Android.

SAP’s mobile development kit uses SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and the SAP Cloud Platform to customize the applications and managing apps in the cloud. 


There is no better resort than a mobile application to envelop all your managerial needs concisely. SAP cloud platform mobile services eliminate the need of maintaining a bunch of systems for meeting the ERP requirements by equipping you with a platform for hybrid application development. 

SAP’s unparalleled services provide the most versatile, robust, and secured application development platform than other app development companies and thus are definitely worth giving a try.