Automated Data Discovery- The Secret Tool in SAP Analytics Cloud to strengthen your BI Analysts


 The Secret Tool in SAP Analytics Cloud to strengthen your BI Analysts


With increased exposure to different markets and customers, enterprises accumulate enormous data. The way you transform and utilize this data gives you a competitive edge over others.

You have a pool of accumulated data to analyze and only analysts can guide you in this process. An experienced analyst can suggest a solution with complete integration and AI-driven insights.

In this article, we are likely to draw attention to varied concepts associated with SAP BusinessObjects users, analytics, and such others.

Often, budding analysts take longer to note correlation among technologies and systems. They fail to understand the impact of one technology on the other as well.

For instance, seasoned analysts are well aware about how SAP Analytics Cloud can trigger SAP BusinessObjects users to combine the potential of data and cloud analytics together and automate functions.


The Need for Smart Discovery


Smart Discovery is a helping hand to analysts as it assists to understand prominent business drivers for fundamental KPIs such as churn, revenue, and productivity.

Regardless of whether you want to carry out quick analysis or drown deep in the data, Smart Discovery is your go-to option. This solution can auto-generate analysis and help notice insights and resolve your business queries.

SAP Analytics Suite along with Smart Discovery can provide you-

  • Recognize lucrative insights
  • Examine outliers to identify impactful decisions
  • Learn more about key influencers that drive business-related KPIs
  • Interactive “what-if” simulations can help forecast future results



Empower analysts automated data with a hybrid solution


An Overview with the help of a Hybrid Solution


SAP BusinessObjects users blend their current on-premise BI solution with SAP analytics Cloud to earn business perks. In case, you fall in this category, then you can also utilize cloud abilities to improve your business potential.

SAP Analytics Cloud possesses a hybrid strategy and is easily adaptable. You don’t have to compromise on current investments to implement this solution and collect workable insights.

This combination allows you to enjoy smooth integration of the data. Irrespective of whether your data is stored in spreadsheets, on-premise, cloud, or at all three locations, data management is effective with this solution.

You can either use on-premise or live data connection. Empower analysts automated data with a hybrid solution as this helps you to generate reports based on data obtained from multiple sources.

This provides you an end-to-end vision required to make fruitful decisions.

SAP BusinessObjects users that utilize SAP Analytics Cloud can gain access to real-time updates. These updates can provide precise status of their company’s overall performance.

This workplace arrangement can help build customer engagement dashboard. This dashboard can provide you all the business related information at one particular spot.

Take Advantage of Augmented Analytics for Smart Data Discovery

It is easy to generate reports, dashboards, and stories without a significant data science background. This is possible with the help of augmented analytics abilities powered in the SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects users.

You can discover data and design a dashboard in a lesser time span. The rest of the time can be invested to generate insights and plan future course of action.

The intuitive SAP Analytics Cloud features can help eliminate human biases. Users can quickly run search for insights and obtain answers in easy-to-read language and resolve their query.

These smart and wise insights can discard the manual dicing, slicing, and misinterpretation of data. Smart Discovery helps you to determine the prominent factors that influence your business performance.

With add-on cloud abilities, BI users can utilize machine learning technology and simulate the potential impact of implemented business decisions. They can utilize smart or predictive models to build these simulations.

They can use the existing data to automate their business decisions.


A Comprehensive Solution


SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP BusinessObjects is a rare combination of the business technology platform that allows you to collaborate and utilize the dashboards effectively.

The analytics designer rooted in the SAP Analytics Cloud is the best tool to craft a centralized analytics platform. It covers the process of designing an analytic application inclusive of-

  • Well-defined data model
  • Arranging the screen
  • Configuring widgets
  • Combining it all together with custom scripts

SAP Analytics Cloud provides you complete integration liberty to develop personalized end-to-end dashboard applications. You can also make use of the analytics designer to prototype in a dedicated environment. This can help create a suitable user experience across your firm.

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects together can help you to take advantage of analytics and business applications for your business. This can guide you to align with different arenas of your business.

SAP Analytics Cloud consists of in-built collaboration tools that can help you to-

  • Create and manage tasks
  • Share and work on available information
  • Add comments on individual data points

With this SAP solution, you will have more transparency in terms of communication. You no longer have to resort to multiple communication channels and utilize a single application to perform business tasks.

The Wide Difference Between Manual and Automated Data Discovery

When you compare the data acquired through automated tools and manually, the difference is quite evident. On-premise suite SAP analytics can provide you action-packed insights that help you draw a conclusion and make better decisions.

For instance, Machine Learning can help correlate business queries with the available data and resolve your queries effortlessly. On the contrary, it takes several months to segregate data and draw the much-needed conclusion from it.

Eliminate this tedious task and adopt a modern and faster solution that can help accomplish tasks rapidly. This will eventually increase employee productivity and then overall business efficiency. Smart and automated Data Discovery is the future of business.




There is only one difference between a good and bad business decision and that is information. Misleading information can lead you to bad decisions while fruitful information can assist your business to excel.

Visually attractive information can be deceptive and fail to lead your business to the path of expansion. SAP Business solutions can guide you to make wiser and realistic business decisions.