How AI and Machine Learning will Revolutionize SAP S/4 HANA & SAP Leonardo System?


How AI and Machine Learning will revolutionize SAP S/4 HANA & SAP Leonardo System?

With digital evolutions taking operations to the next level, technology-led organizations look forward to delivering an effortless, personalized experience. To help organizations leverage the different aspects of personalization, the ERP giant, SAP has been automating several phases of manual processes with the introduction of its S/4 HANA upgraded version

Today, SAP HANA S/4 is the market leader of innovation that fulfills the need of efficient automation, with capabilities enabled by Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. With every update over the S/4 HANA platform, SAP continues to innovate towards a more AI-driven HANA solution.

This piece discusses how AI and Machine Learning are coming together to revolutionize the S/4 HANA and SAP Leonardo System. Let’s explore the future possibilities for business organizations with this new innovation.

Machine Learning and AI Development: How SAP is getting Future-ready?

In an attempt to create the ‘Intelligent Cloud,’ SAP S/4 Hana Cloud is now focused on providing solutions to companies on a one-on-one basis. These company-specific requirements allow organizations to pick up on different aspects of AI and ML, to integrate into their business, while still complementing the other legacy systems.

In its latest update, SAP’s ERP induces multiple aspects of AI automation within an organization’s grasp. They are:

  • Pre-defined Scenarios: SAP incorporates pre-defined scenarios that allow the platform to tap into the client company’s historical data, allowing it to automate the organization’s routine tasks. This way, it becomes efficient in managing different aspects of business, like assigning incoming payments, order processing, or creating different purchase orders.
  • Robotic Process Automation: Robotic Process Automation allows organizations to create custom processes that are based on AI. The use of RPA allows bots to convert mundane, repetitive, and recurring tasks into automated processes.
  • Managing Situations: By utilizing the different aspects of Robotic Process Automation and pre-defined scenarios, handling multiple tasks will be a focal point. By creating such automated scenarios for different aspects of a business, the system eliminates the chances of manual intervention and human errors at large.

With these different aspects of AI, SAP aims to automate the miscellaneous tasks, allowing employees to relieve monotonous work and shift their focus towards the business’s core functioning and solving more complex issues.

Talking of automation and AI for SAP customers, SAP Leonardo is the first thing that should come to mind. SAP’s re-launch of the ‘digital innovation system’ re-defines the ways in which machine learning becomes a game-changer for enterprises.

What is SAP Leonardo, and How it Re-imagines Automation?

SAP Leonardo is the next step in bringing automation around repetitive tasks and saving time for the employees. SAP Leonardo utilizes different aspects of Machine Learning, to help organizations access improved revenue, and re-imagine output, time, quality, and customer satisfaction.

With the aspects of Machine Learning, SAP Leonardo helps re-image the value chain for any given organization. The adaptions across the value chain make Leonardo a more robust and flexible approach. It adds elements of efficiency and works as a cost-saving medium by preventing unnecessary expenditures within the organization.

With the introduction of SAP Leonardo, organizations can expect an increase in services, sales, design, finance, operations, and human resources, among several other functionalities. The effective use of artificial intelligence favors improved finance management as well.

With its blend of AI and ML, SAP Leonardo is setting up examples of innovation, paired with efficiency and output. Serving as an umbrella for organizations to access multiple applications from SAP, Leonardo integrates with SAP S/4 HANA to reduce the TCO and time to value.

What is the Future of SAP S/4 HANA with AI and ML in the Picture?

The answer is simple, considering the implications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, SAP S/4 HANA will become a hyper-personalized and intelligent system. SAP is expected to innovate its solutions that will help organizations secure end-to-end, integrated business processes.

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning integrated into the ecosystem, the future will certainly focus on hyper-personalized products with elements of intelligent production and intelligent manufacturing. We can also expect a sustainably fair and value supply chain.

Owning its name as the intelligent ERP, SAP S/4 HANA is expected to make companies more agile and adaptive to suit the trends of the latest market. From the technological aspect, SAP is making its transition towards a modular, but highly integrated approach. This way, SAP will allow organizations to tap into a future-ready ERP solution.


The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, integrated with SAP Leonardo and S/4 HANA, will be creating the perfect foundation for emerging businesses. With such innovative solutions integrated into the ecosystem, businesses will be able to make improved decisions and offer innovative services, and products; quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, we can conclude that with SAP, the future of ERP will not only improve the top or the bottom line of operations inside an organization, but also add the element of sustainability to it.