Accely Import EXIM Solutions: The Key Features and Major Benefits


Accely Immort EXIM Solutions

International trade and business operations have to comply with a series of regulatory policies and legal processes. Every business entrepreneur engaged in international trade must follow the rules, especially those pertaining to export and import management. 


How about having a next-generation Export-Import Management Software Solution that accelerates and streamlines your business decisions? We know how SAP’s advanced ERP business suite S/4 HANA transforms the whole international trade management scenario. Now, another innovative Import EXIM software solution has arrived to simplify the international trade process. Accely has created an Import EXIM software to ease the trade process in India. 


What Role Does Accely Import EXIM Solutions Play


Accely Import EXIM solutions play a vital role in handling the export promotion schemes. It deals with important tasks such as managing licenses, handling pre and post-shipping documentation, and providing the letter of credit.  


Obtaining an international trade license has been one of the most challenging and tough asks for companies that import and export products. They had been searching for a cutting-edge technology that focuses on reducing the complexities while operating an export-import business. 


This is where Accely Import EXIM comes into play. It smoothly streamlines the end-to-end license management process. Process management takes place from applications, assignments, status management, and history. Accely Import EXIM allows you to access Standard Input Output Norms (SION) and refers to the export shipping bills. 


How Can SION Benefit You


The Standard Input Output Norms or SION help in creating licenses. It also plays an important role in discharging the export obligation to exempt schemes along with keeping track of export accruals and realization. In addition to that, SION can also be a flexible space for you to develop document sets as well as pre and post shipping documents. The document is prepared on the basis of SAP sourced documents.
Let’s now discuss the major features and benefits of the Accely Import EXIM Solutions


Eliminating the Manual Error Process

You don’t have to indulge in the manual process to conduct the export and import activities.  Instead, the Accely Import EXIM solution allows you to automate the manual steps that reduce the error. The accuracy of data will allow you to minimize your mistakes and you can prevent business revenue loss. 


A Single Window

The Accely Export and Import Services provide business enterprises with a single-window or view for Export Promotion scheme management. A single view will also help you manage licenses, track import shipping details, handle shipment documentation, manage bank guarantees, and secure letters of credit. 


Get Real-time Tracking

With Accely Import EXIM solutions, you have the leverage to track licenses, schemes, and the letter of credit in real-time.


Facility for Real-time Analytics and Insights

Getting real-time analytics and insights will help you access greater role-based visibility and monitor the export-import process. 


Allows a Smooth Integration

Accely Export-Import Solutions allows you to seamlessly integrate the standard SAP logistics module. This includes a number of processes such as sales and distribution, financial accounting, and the management of materials. In addition to all that, you can also generate reports to view the import and export analytics insights. 


Get Improved Documentation and Tracking

It has become much easier to track shipment documents, end-to-end license documentation, advanced email alerts, reporting, and bank guarantee using this. 


Providing the Transparency of the Banks

It helps to capture important data and report insights that allow the bank to maintain transparency in the export-import process. 


Real-time Alerts

Mobile applications provide on-the-fly alerts regarding export-import data, which helps you to effectively handle international trade management. 


Managing the Licence or Scheme

The government keeps on revising all the dynamic schemes on a yearly basis. Accely Import EXIM helps to manage the scheme through end-to-end functionality. It also allows the management of licensed lifecycles. This can streamline advanced authorization, duty-free authorization, promoting capital goods schemes, and duty drawbacks.  


Encouraging the Export Initiative Management

The automation of the export incentive process, MIES, and duty drawback help to put your business in a commanding position. You can even take control of the material based incentive rate and tariff number. Accely Import EXIM will help you in calculating the eligibility of the incentive-based on the generation of export invoices and received BRC. 


Facility for Import Shipment Tracking

It is a pleasure to note that tracking the import shipments along with the customs clearance process has become much more simplified. 


The benefit of the Letter of Credit Management

You can even streamline the letters of credit management during the import and export process. Apart from that, Accely Import EXIM also allows you to maintain the bank limits and manage the acceptance, retirement, and amendment process. 

You can have access to the scanned documents to read the LC details and update the same automatically. 


Exporting Documents and Process Management Gets Simpler

The pre and post shipping documents play a pivotal role in creating the customs clearance. Accely Import EXIM lets you export obligations with a comprehensive tracking process. You can also generate post-shipment documentation based on the Letter of Credit terms and conditions.   


Getting Bonds and Bank Guarantee

Accely Import EXIM allows seamlessly manage the bond and bank guarantee details that are issued and received for a different purpose.

Ending Note

Accely Import EXIM solution is an innovative software that can improve your operational efficiency and automate the manual process of the import-export activity.  It reduces your operating costs and saves duty along with several other benefits.