A Comprehensive Guide from Accely for Your SAP Deployments


A Comprehensive Guide From Accely For Your SAP Deployments

SAP Cloud Services has been at the forefront of cloud operations since its inception in the industry. SAP’s range of Success Experiences, Services, and Extensions, supports the creation of appropriate outcomes.

This way, the module allows businesses to achieve sustained success, whether launching something new, moving to the cloud, or changing how their organization operates.

However, deploying SAP modules can be challenging for anyone new to the concept.

So, to help you better, this blog post summarizes SAP’s comprehensive array of services and support services. In addition, it includes a few examples of accelerated value creation and business results that will provide customers with an outstanding experience.

The Challenges of Today’s Enterprises

Businesses confront new and more challenging difficulties now and then. Considering the nature of their operations, they come across more complex work cultures, processes, and challenges in managing a streamlined workforce.

Adding to the equation are consumer behavior, a focus on decarbonization, market dynamics, and the requirement for digitization. All these aspects make the process and transition further challenging.

Not to forget, the tendencies in technology have also changed. AI and machine learning are being used to enhance the consumer experience. So to balance the efforts and achieve operational excellence, smart devices and sensors are being used to monitor assets intelligently.

Being competitive in this new intelligent era requires businesses to be adaptable, restructure their operations, and incorporate cutting-edge technology. SAP developed its Intelligent Enterprise Solution with the emerging technology trend and industry challenges in mind.

Besides, the solution also helps manage massive data quantities and generates useful insights for better decisions; distributed computing and big data are being leveraged. In addition, emerging technologies like 5G and Blockchain are generating new revenue streams.

SAP Intelligent Enterprise

As per their definition, “intelligent enterprises” conduct integrated business processes powered by updated technology that work together in networks. This way, the new-age solutions boost profitability, sustainability, and resilience.

By providing outcome-based, value-added services and support across the intelligent enterprise, SAP Cloud Success Services (CSS) enables digital transformation by providing end-to-end, comprehensive support and advice.

SAP Intelligent Enterprise

Source: https://blogs.sap.com/

SAP Cloud Success Services is a robust and well-connected product module with more than 22,500 SAP specialists based in 64 countries and supporting more than 180 nations.

In addition, its SAP implementation partners have extensive expertise in different solutions, enabling companies to operate, implement, manage, and unleash the complete potential of SAP solutions with SAP Cloud Success Services, using a comprehensive array of options and longer-term engagements.

SAP Cloud Services

By ensuring that your SAP solutions are focused on your company’s key objectives, SAP Success Extensions, Services, and Experiences, assist you in staying ahead of the competition. These support and service options were developed with the cloud in mind and are intended to assist in delivering the business outcomes that hasten your company’s success.

SAP Cloud Success Services and Support

Source: https://blogs.sap.com/

You receive constant, proactive training, content, enablement, support, innovation, and insight for your SAP solutions. This way, the solution provides the knowledge required to achieve value from the mission-critical solutions quickly.

Collaboration with support professionals focusing on results is another crucial success option. Once done, you determine where to go while utilizing the solution, developing your innovation strategy, and having a big-picture perspective on your company.

SAP Cloud Success Services and Support Explained

Source: https://blogs.sap.com/

Following this step, you can select longer-term contracts that offer more personalized or high-touch services or short-term, targeted packages that hasten the launch or handle particular business issues throughout your company.

Besides, whatever option you select, you will receive the knowledge and direction required to succeed in the cloud, make the most of SAP’s experience and ecosystem, and keep developing – at your speed.

Whether your attention is on a specific step in the Lead-to-Cash process or on organizational-wide initiatives and end-to-end plans, SAP is fully committed to supporting you and assisting you on your journey toward digital transformation.

Success Experiences

Success Experiences include:

  • ESSENTIAL core support services.
  • Longer-term engagements.
  • Advanced support plans for cloud solutions alongside a wider scope or shorter engagements.

All these elements add to a more focused scope for your success.

Enterprise Support & Embedded Launch Services

Starting the list, we have the ESSENTIAL success product, SAP Enterprise Support. It is a cornerstone product that ensures your SAP system consistently has the effect your company needs to develop and prosper.

Once installed, you receive thorough instructions that outline the information to use, who should use it, and when, so it is more than simply a library of data. You also receive the information and tools required to manage your application’s lifespan.

Preferred Success

ADVANCED support service SAP Preferred Success provides individualized solutions and process knowledge for each SAP cloud solution.

With SAP Preferred Success, customers work with you to analyze your company’s needs and suggest how to use the SAP cloud solution most effectively.

SAP designs and oversees a roadmap for your requirements today and where your industry needs to go next. The solution does so by fusing a comprehensive grasp of your specific cloud solution ambitions with in-depth technical and process knowledge.

You receive a personalized cloud learning approach for your solutions, business requirements, and teams.

Additionally, SAP provides focused inspections that examine the utilization of cloud solutions, offer practical advice on where to improve, and assist in ensuring business continuity with improved Support SLAs.

SAP will collaborate with you to develop a transparent, long-term vision with a roadmap that transforms your KPIs and milestones into a customized success strategy for your cloud journey.

Currently, HXM, CX, cloud solutions S/4HANA Cloud, ISBN, and SAP BTP are available with SAP Preferred Success, and our portfolio is growing. Your success in the cloud will be optimized, enhanced, and increased with SAP Preferred Success.

Business Journeys, Active Attention, and Max Attention

These SAP SELECT solutions support innovation across your organization as you alter the business by addressing key issues.

You may select alternatives with a longer time horizon and a wider scope, such as Max Attention or Active Attention, where the SAP team integrates with your company, or you can select pre-packaged, short-term technical journeys that are outcome-focused.

In any case, your SAP support provider enables Premium Engagement high-touch services selected from a broad, comprehensive range of available services and personalized to your specific needs.

Max Attention

The most thorough, tailored, strategic end-to-end support engagement and a high-touch that SAP offers. Further, SAP MaxAttention embeds experts into the center of your organization to gain a thorough understanding of the challenges, and solutions, ensuring all your tech strategy and business agenda are in sync with your operations. SAP MaxAttention ensures it covers all the deployment models.

EL (Engagement Lead) and the embedded team’s LTQM (Technical Quality Manager) ensure you have the appropriate SAP expertise.

While the EL supports architectural elements and strategic design, LTQM is the operational lead for handling IT needs and is in charge of services planning and delivery.

A powerful back-office staff of SAP professionals from ISD (Intelligent Service Delivery) Hub supports the embedded team, ensuring the finest and most dependable Premium Partnership with SAP.

When urgent problems require rapid attention, you may use the SAP specialists on the EoD (Experts on Demand) team that is available to you through MaxAttention.

Besides, you also have access to an MCC (Mission Control Center), which is staffed around the clock by a group of SAP specialists who can help with engagement, troubleshooting, debugging, and problem-solving during critical cutover periods that could affect production or go-live, as well as during the hyper care period and even after go-live.

Active Attention

A constant engagement from SAP called SAP Active Attention enables effective program implementation and operations.

With a robust engagement approach and an embedded LTQM (Lead Technical Quality Manager), Active Attention provides a wide range of outcome-based services that are catered to your needs and cover all SAP systems and deployments.

Businesses also get access to experts via EoD (Experts on Demand) and a 24-hour MCC (Mission Control Center) to assist them through crucial project deadlines.

Your access to a global team of SAP experts through this premium engagement offering, which is based on time-tested best practices and years of experience, will help you ensure that your SAP solutions are not only operating at their peak but are also carrying out the precise tasks that your business requires to function at its peak.

Many of our clients have successfully used our Premium Engagement Services to create post-go-live operations frameworks to continue monitoring their systems and processes and keep them operating effectively while proactively protecting their go-lives.

Business Journeys

With the addition of SAP Business Journeys to its support offering, cross-company problems may now be resolved quickly and clearly.

They blend knowledge from several SAP departments and address various topics, including planning, execution, quality assurance, education, and counseling.

Business Journeys are focused packages with a particular scope, schedule, and end that produce the desired result in a clear, consumable manner. They are assembled from carefully chosen professional services, premium engagement, and education offerings.

The committed team of professionals will collaborate with you, utilizing tried-and-true bills of materials, methodologies, and accelerators to match your demands while keeping you updated at every stage.

Success Extensions

SAP’s Success Extensions provide extra attention to the elements required to hasten your success.

Success Extensions improve your support experiences with tailored pre- and post-go-live offerings, speeding up time to value by streamlining deployment and boosting ROI after deployment.

These pre-assembled, pre-specified services and subscription packages are designed to be simple and adapt to your particular circumstance.

You may use SAP resources and know exactly where you need them, freeing up your staff to concentrate on their crucial tasks.

Managed Business Services

In addition to your SAP systems, Managed Business Services is a subscription-based service that addresses operational issues.

You may free up resources to concentrate on the core company by delegating some repetitive business procedures to SAP.

To carry out repetitive daily business procedures, you may use SAP’s knowledge, delivery effectiveness, and automation scalability.

Cloud Application Services

To accelerate adoption and innovation throughout your cloud journey, CAS (Cloud Application Services) offers continuous administration of your SAP cloud solutions.

By using SAP Managed Services, professionals familiar with your background and past manage the cloud applications and assist you in getting complete flexibility of your current SAP systems. These modules take care of everything, starting from application management to security services, data management, and testing services.

Besides, when you switch to RISE, SAP offers technical managed services to manage your infrastructure and system based on pre-established SLAs.

With CAS, SAP can manage your infrastructure solutions while also assisting you in improving and transforming as you innovate and expand your solution landscape.

Your ‘Basis’ staff may now concentrate on more important tasks.

Cloud Application Services provides a single point of contact for all client inquiries about solutions.

Optimization & Activation Services

With the aid of activation and optimization services, you may quickly realize the benefits of your SAP solution.

The Activation and Optimization services are built on decades of expertise and bundled into fixed-scope services managed by implementation professionals. They provide hands-on, focused attention on client objectives, such as accelerating innovation post-go-live or hastening the go-live date.

The SAP team collaborates with your chosen partner or with you directly to achieve these aims.

In Conclusion

You deserve a mentor who knows your present situation and long-term goals. A mentor who is familiar with your sector’s procedures, technology, and essential knowledge.

To build solutions that maximize the potential of your SAP investment, SAP places the results you need to deliver at the core of everything it does.

Throughout the lifespan of your solutions, SAP is dedicated to assisting you, whether you are adopting new technology, accelerating to the cloud, or changing how your organization operates.

Furthermore, SAP offers a portfolio of Success Extensions, Services, and Experiences to match the demands of your business, no matter where you are beginning or where you want to go.

Considering the endless possibilities, the suite has to provide, what’s stopping you from connecting with SAP Consulting Services?