9 Tips to Boost Customer Experience with SAP Integration


9 Tips to Boost Customer Experience with SAP Integration

Customers are accustomed to having instant access to the information they require. Customers now have greater access to data than ever before, whether it is to compare the pricing of their goods to that of a rival by scanning a bar code or to find the location of the nearest Starbucks.

However, some organizations experience a delay between when the data enters the system and when product stocks, customer contact information, and other information are updated. The discrepancy in information might be the difference between a disgruntled consumer and a devoted brand fan.

The consumer and the employee benefit from having the most precise data on product location, inventory, and order history. How can you interact with clients who have these demands? Give sales and support staff the resources they need to keep up with clients’ rising expectations by integrating SAP Customer Experience in real-time.

One approach to enhance the client experience is through faster service, but it’s not the only one. So, continue reading as we explore the top nine tips to boost customer experience with SAP integration.

9 Ways to Boost Customer Experience Using SAP Integration

#1 Easy access to order history

Have you lately misplaced a receipt? It frequently occurs and is annoying if you have to send back a damaged item or present proof of purchase to get in touch with technical help. It quickly becomes a bad customer experience if the store needs a paper copy of a receipt to fix an issue and you need one.

Businesses frequently take an eternity to seek for a receipt to offer evidence of purchase involving a manager. Or the sales information from a long-ago transaction has been removed from the system.

But what if the retailer could quickly retrieve your whole order history and provide you with the missing receipt? Better yet, let the buyer look up information by themselves.

#2 Deliver self-service

When seeking information, people don’t necessarily prefer to speak to a live person:

  • Before contacting a live professional, 81% of consumers across all sectors try to handle things independently.
  • In a recent Zendesk poll, 75% of respondents stated that “self-service is a practical solution to resolve customer concerns.”
  • And 67% of respondents said they would instead use self-service than contact a corporate person.

A robust self-service system supported by a real-time SAP integration solution may give the client access to the most recent information immediately after a transaction occurs.

#3 Support across mobile devices

According to predictions, “m-commerce” sales might reach $284 billion by the end of 2020. The days of making all your online purchases while seated in front of a desktop computer are passed. Brands, especially eCommerce sites, must be mobile-friendly.

According to Google, 57% of users would avoid a firm with a below-average mobile website, and 40% of mobile consumers who face an unreliable mobile web experience will move to a competitor’s website.

Therefore, improving the customer experience requires a plan for establishing your SAP-to-frontend interface to support the mobile experience.

#4 End-to-end seamless transactions

We can all agree that knowledge is power, and instant access to the most recent customer data guarantees you’ll always have what you need to handle client difficulties.

This implies that even if the contact comes in a few hours or even minutes after the transaction, a customer care team member can quickly access real-time data and give accurate responses since they have all that client’s information at their fingertips.

#5 Shorten wait and resolution times

The inability to speak with a live person on the phone to address a query instantly ruins a customer’s experience. Even if the call was inadvertently ended, a real-time SAP connection guarantees that the customer care agent has access to the most recent data and supporting documentation.

Because the new representative has all the information from the previous call in front of them, they may continue fixing the problem without the client having to wait for the person who was assisting them before. The time it takes to address an issue and the wait periods for service are reduced through real-time data integration.

#6 Communicate across different channels

A single communication channel cannot meet your client’s demands. To offer the finest customer experience, you must give your consumers various choices for resolving concerns.

This could include social media message platforms, live chat, email, phone assistance, and more. The more alternatives you offer, the more consumers you will be able to keep pleased.

#7 Social media connectivity

Customers like social media and may use it to either praise or criticize the products and services offered by your company. So what better approach to demonstrate to consumers that you value them than by engaging with them quickly on social media?

A real-time social media presence will help your organization in several ways, including issue-solving, generating sales leads, and responding to inquiries. In addition, your SAP integration improves the purchasing experience for customers.

Consider the loyalty you might gain by responding to a customer’s inquiry on Facebook Messenger or expressing gratitude for a good Google or Yelp rating. Make sure to value social media as a viable tool for online client engagement.

#8 Accuracy of quotes

The time it takes to create a sales quotation is one of the major annoyances for both sales teams and clients. Before the salesperson can offer a correct price, most firm quote procedures require complicated interactions between many systems, which takes time, sometimes more than needed.

#9 Creating a business focused on culture

Improving the customer experience will need more than a simple SAP Emarsys integration. To stay ahead of the competition, business leaders must emphasize the value of consistently providing excellent customer service.

Although implementing new tools and systems is a fantastic strategy, it is only useful if your staff members recognize the need to provide outstanding customer service in every encounter.

In Conclusion

With such unique functionalities offered by the SAP platform, what’s stopping you from upgrading to the future of business with professionals? Come leverage the future of your operational efficiency with a leading global SAP gold partner like Accely. All the best!