6 Add-ons for SAP SuccessFactors that build Employee Satisfaction


6 Add-ons for SAP SuccessFactors that build Employee Satisfaction

Businesses have always been haunted by the regular fluctuation in the workforce, making employee retention and experience one of the most significant cornerstones today.

But how often does your organization leverage the core aspects of cloud-based HR?

Adding to it, many companies need clarification on the different aspects of SAP SuccessFactors, one of the most celebrated software in the HR world.

Therefore, to help you better, we’ll be going through the different aspects of human resource management and understanding how organizations can simplify operations using the latest software.

SAP SuccessFactors vs. SAP HCM

Although both products are owned by SAP and are effective at helping businesses resolve their HR problems with a comprehensive HRMS, here we describe a few key distinctions.

While SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is onsite, SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based solution.

As an on-premise solution, SAP HCM, also known as SAP HR (Human Resource) and SAP HRMS (Human Resource Management System), is installed on equipment stored on the company’s premises.

It is entirely configurable, meaning the programming professional needs to customize it using code to modify the solution to adequately meet the customer’s demands. This takes time and is ultimately hazardous because there is always a chance that the modified code running into the running solution in a refreshed version will only fit somewhat.

Users may easily access SAP SuccessFactors using any browser because it stores data on SAP’s HANA Cloud. It is extremely configurable yet less customizable. On the other hand, it is more accessible and straightforward to install. Besides, its deployment requires less money and time. Customers can discover an add-on that meets their demands to meet their wants better.

It goes without saying that SAP HCM requires devoted IT people with the requisite abilities to maintain it because it is an on-site solution. However, SAP also offers comprehensive support for SuccessFactors. Additionally, because it is a cloud-based solution, SuccessFactors performs better on scalability features based on business requirements.

In addition, SAP stated that it will stop providing SAP HCM module maintenance by 2040.


Source: https://blogs.sap.com/


Even SAP refers to SuccessFactors as the “next evolutionary step,” indicating that it is more contemporary and innovative than previous versions.

The distinction between human capital management and human experience management—as well as the different technologies employed to create these two solutions—is the cause.

Both management styles view employees as significant assets, although HCM is a more established idea. On the contrary, HXM moves a step beyond! It focuses on employees and their overall experience, ensuring that all interaction points between employees and employers are frictionless.

As a result, it is known as “the next evolutionary step” because HR philosophy and practices change as businesses see the potential in treating people like consumers.

However, implementing HXM suite into SuccessFactors isn’t easy! Several tools are giving you a possibility of confusion. So, to help you better, we’ve further classified the concept into different tools and add-ons in the following section.


Source: https://blogs.sap.com/

Using SAP SuccessFactors Add-Ons to Improve Customer Experience

As discussed, SAP SuccessFactors is already designed with employees in mind, ensuring that HR procedures serve both their needs and those of the business.

SuccessFactors in the cloud may be further customized to meet the unique demands of enterprises, which is a huge advantage. SuccessFactors is designed as a scalable, adaptable, cloud-based SaaS solution that numerous need-specific plugins may further enhance.

Employee satisfaction today is gauged in terms of happiness. The task generally entails how happy people are at work. Adding to it, numerous monetary and non-monetary factors, such as benefits, incentives, overall rewards, business culture, life-work balance, pay, and values, among other prospects, impact this metric.

Due to these shifting factors, the current scenario of the business ecosystem is often referred to as the employees’ market. This is further defined by massive layoffs, resignations, and rising employee expectations and demands of their employers.

Employee Satisfaction

Source: https://blogs.sap.com/

AIHR and the HXM principles state that numerous significant measures may be used to gauge employee happiness.

  • Employee turnover rate: It is the number of workers who leave a company within a given period.
  • Employee Absents: The phenomenon of multiple unexcused absences from work over a certain period.
  • Glassdoor Ratings: Employers are reviewed by their workers on how it is to work for them using the Glassdoor rating system.
  • ESI: Employee satisfaction is measured by focused employee surveys that put a particular emphasis on employee satisfaction.
  • eNPS: Employee net promoter score, or eNPS, measures how likely workers will suggest the organization to others as a desirable workplace.

The next step is to choose the add-ons to help target and amplify the pain points. Therefore, it is crucial to note that adopting and implementing different add-ons from HXM’s approach allows end-users to utilize the add-functionality without leaving SuccessFactors, the host program.

So to give you a better idea, here’s an overview of the different SuccessFactors Add-ons you could consider.

6 Reliable Add-Ons for SAP SuccessFactors

While SuccessFactors takes a comprehensive approach to HRMS, certain features may be customized and highlighted through add-ons specially designed to address the intended purpose.

Besides, the SAP marketplace is filled with a large variety of tools. So to give you a better idea, we’ve listed some of the best SuccessFactors add-ons you could consider. So, let’s check them out.

Job Description Made Simple | JDMS

A critical component of attracting talent is a job description. Therefore, the job description is more important than starting on the proper foot regarding the employee journey.

The prospects you’re looking for may be turned off by awkward language or tone and imprecise criteria definitions. By maintaining sync with SuccessFactors, the JDMS add-on enables recruiters to streamline their procedures for managing job descriptions and makes new information instantly accessible.

This program stands out from the competition since it has an inbuilt tool for language translation that is approval-based. This technology makes it easier for large multilingual businesses with multilingual workforces to switch between several job description translations.

BTC My Timesheet

This add-on for time tracking allows employees to quickly and easily enter time on the road. It works well for businesses that encourage the inclusion of all employees, no matter how and where they work, and whose workforce doesn’t only work in offices.

The fact that this add-on may be used on several devices reduces the risk of data loss and accessibility issues when they are working from a remote location. In addition, organizations gain from tracking their employee’s timesheet data over different operations since it is instantly synchronized with SuccessFactors.

Work Zone

Work Zone is an SAP-developed add-on that enables end users to access numerous processes, business applications, communications, and data, from a single entry point when building digital workplaces.

Work Zone enables businesses to develop seamless digital workspaces that improve the overall employee experience, streamlining the operations for staff members to communicate and work more efficiently from any location.

This app’s unique selling proposition focuses on bringing together numerous separate tools in a single virtual environment. The best part is that it easily integrates with SuccessFactors and instantly accesses any pertinent data from the primary HRIS. The add-on may also be integrated with Google tools, Office 365, Qualtrics, and Microsoft Teams.

360 Degree Beyond Worklife

After leaving your organization, employees still have a lot of responsibilities. These employees may be your greatest or worst brand ambassadors depending on their experience and expertise from working for your firm, badly affecting the talent pool of competent workers your business requires.

If you want good relations with your workers, you must keep them on your side. Giving former workers the timely and important information they might need from you is one way to provide a seamless employee experience, even after they leave your company.

Additionally, 360° Above has a service portal called WorkLife that gives former employees access to various information about their colleagues. This covers a variety of job data, such as pensions, tax data, and pay stubs.

The amount of time your active HR team must spend aiding the former employees is decreased by self-service. Some of your past workers might even wish to come back and work for you again. These hires will save firms time and money since they will adapt more quickly than recruits who require significant training.


With the help of the employee recognition and incentives program JobPts, businesses may strengthen their corporate cultures and vastly increase employee happiness.

With the help of this recognition tool, businesses may combat absenteeism and employee turnover via social recognition, which appeals to the core needs of all people—the need to belong and be acknowledged for their exceptional work.

The best tool for documenting and emphasizing Moments that Matter is JobPts, which improves workplace connections and fosters a sense of belonging.

The ultimate objectives of the JobPts add-on include enhanced employee engagement, coworker trust, stronger workplace connections, improved retention rates, employee wellness, and loyalty, all of which directly influence the business’s bottom line.


Do you place high importance on DEI? If so, employing an add-on that identifies salary discrepancies throughout the workforce and aids in achieving pay equity for all employees might be extremely beneficial to your company.

Actionable people and pay insights are offered to organizations by Fairpay® Equity Analytics: Wage Gap Insights. Since it is connected with SuccessFactors, it rapidly retrieves employee data and flags situations when rewards for comparable positions vary.

In addition, the add-on enables worker segmentation by a group so businesses may track the consistency of pay increases, identify which groups are falling behind, and take appropriate action.

In Conclusion

The key distinctions between SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors have been detailed to assist enterprises in determining which solution is better for them. Depending on its requirements, a business may opt for an on-premises or cloud-based solution.

Even though both systems provide above-board support for organizations’ HR and strategic business goals, this study concentrated on SuccessFactors’ scalable and highly integrable solution. Therefore, today’s organizations can use any of these add-ons to simplify their talent management and take things to the next level!

Besides, with a professional SAP Implementation Partner like Accely, you just need to connect with us and get a complete solution for your talent management and retention.