10 Tips to Remember When Looking for SAP Managed Services


10 Tips to Remember When Looking for SAP Managed Services

SAP is systems, analysis, and products, a ubiquitous term in the IT world. It’s the leading software producer for business management. SAP-managed services come up with a world-class experience in an organization’s business.

SAP managed services employ their expert professionals to guide an organization all the way through doing a better systematic business. SAP services collaborate with IT to supervise the activities, chances of improvements, and the scope of being better in a good IT environment regularly.

Why Choose Your SAP Managed Services Provider Wisely?

SAP managed services made managing SAP landscapes easy. They are essential to check on the activities of the SAP application as well, as they play a significant part in maintaining the system’s integrity. Using SAP-managed services reduced the extra workload so that the core IT could get more focus.

This system can do the work efficiently so that time is saved, the effort is reduced, and the company employees’ time and effort can be utilized on other value-driven tasks. This can also be a help in developing better business strategies. So, before choosing an SAP-managed service, a lot of research is needed to be done.

Tips to Choose the Right SAP Managed Services Provider

Now that you have a better understanding of choosing the right SAP Managed Service Provider for adequate SAP support, here are some tips to help you choose the right one:

1. Certification

SAP certification is something that must be checked while looking for SAP managed services because this says about efficiency. Apart from that, the IT infrastructure on which SAP management will be implemented should also have SAP certification to avoid any risks.

2. Application and Infrastructure SLAs

SAP cloud platform level agreement or SLA is a matter of concern because it gives an idea about the productivity of the SAP managed services. Application and infrastructure SLAs are two types of SLAs, and we should evaluate the pros and cons of both. Because both the SLAs vary when you compare different services.

3. Expertise

Your SAP expert partner will be the one managing the entire system. So, keep an eye on the expertise of the SAP partner. Your SAP partner must belong to the platinum level from the top 5% force, the senior consultant force. When appointing the managing expert, you should expect the highest level of coordination and experience from the partner.

4. Availability

Saving time for doing better is always a priority for businesses. Organizations using SAP cannot afford to run out of time and rely upon the SAP management systems to keep the business going smoothly. So, SAP-managed services should always be available when needed and have an efficient disaster management system that can recover or back up data in the blink of an eye just to ensure the system’s security.

5. Support

SAP-managed services are trusted because they can immediately provide immediate support when needed. It is essential to notice incident response time to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Technical support should be identified as soon as possible, and the SAP managed services experts must be capable enough to resolve the issue rapidly.

6. Scalability

The SAP managed services should be capable of scaling up their responsibility according to the growth of the SAP environment of a particular organization. If the SAP managed services team does not have enough partners to do their job, then people in IT need to take care of it, which will hamper their own tasks. The team should have more workers if a business expands with time to meet expectations and, most importantly, business requirements.

7. Cloud System

Cloud systems always come up with easy accessibility, so businesses are dividing their tasks into multiple clouds. While looking for SAP managed services, we need to see whether the SAP managed services are certified with efficient cloud service providers or not. They should provide the experience of private, hybrid, and public clouds.

In a hybrid cloud model, the workload is distributed within private and public clouds, while multiple public clouds are preferable for a multi-cloud experience. Hence attaining the highest stretch in growth, companies should use both hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and the SAP managed services appointed should have good knowledge of that.

8. Compliance

Before involving SAP-managed services in your business, you should get information about their compliance and how reliable their customer support is. Organizations often treat compliance as a last-minute thing, which can turn tragic. Compliance should be considered when choosing an SAP-managed service for better organizational growth.

9. RACI Matrix

RACI matrix is the easiest way to document of roles and responsibilities of the SAP managed services experts. This can provide all the data like who is accountable, who is to be consulted, and who needs to be informed, making things easy for the organization to interact with their SAP-managed services. These things should be checked when looking for SA managing services.

10. Security System

The security system is the most important thing for any organization. SAP system is something where a maximum of the organization’s confidential data like finance, development, HR, and growth statistics are saved. So the risks of cyber attacks are always high here because of having so much sensitive data in one place, and this concern should not be neglected. But there is a misconception that the SAP-managed system will take care of the security system, which is invalid. SAP expects a company to be responsible for its own security system.

Bottom Line

SAP managed services partners are responsible for making a business strong by setting the seal on the efficient, optimized, and flawless running of the company permanently. SAP-managed service providers often seem attractive but may fail in practice sometimes.

So the decision-making should be wise enough to avoid any unnecessary trouble from SAP implementation to the end. SAP system is the core component of any business and the pillar of the system. So utmost care needs to be taken while managing this system. Hope the points mentioned above will be a little help while looking for an SAP-managed services provider.