What is Accelerated E-Invoice?

E-Invoicing (also referred to as electronic invoicing) is a form of the digital invoicing system or electronic billing, which enables trading partners, suppliers, and customers to streamline their invoice processing performance. E-Invoicing is a common B2B or B2C practice where suppliers and buyers are involved in the invoice document exchange. Unlike the traditional approach that includes paperwork-based tasks, a digital invoice provides an error-free environment with improved compliance and accelerated approvals.

An electronic invoice should mandatorily have important supplier data in a format, which can be easily integrated into the buyer’s account payable system. The documents and data referred here include debit and credit notes, purchase orders, remittance slips, and payment terms and conditions.

An Overview of Accelerated E-Invoicing System

  • Many countries are getting into the habit of using the electronic invoicing system. The Government of India has already made an announcement to introduce the e-invoicing system to simplify the process of integrating and reporting invoices to the GST system.
  • The electronic invoicing system will allow Indian entrepreneurs and SAP ERP users to submit electronic data interchange files directly into the government website
  • No manual process is required.
  • This is a machine-readable standard electronic invoicing system enabling smooth interpretation across different business ecosystems and stakeholders.
  • All business enterprises will have to compulsorily comply with the stipulated regulations of the Government of India.

Accelerated E-Invoicing: The One-Stop-Solution for Global E-Invoicing Formats

Businesses that use the automated process and follow e-invoice formats save up to 50-70 percent more than what you acquired through the traditional (paper-based) processes. The main perks of adopting automated e-invoicing processes are that you save cost and time. You no longer have to follow the lengthy processing norm. This automated process offers you increased quality and clarity. You can enjoy a better business relationship with your customers and vendors through e-invoicing. There are fewer instances of lost invoices, better discounts, and improved cash management.

A noteworthy initiative to ensure internal and external compliance based on all the business and legal norms.

E-Invoicing Solution in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Manage complexities around e-invoicing with the experts that understand and align your operations with the latest amends by the Zakat Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA).

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Accelerated E-Invoice Streamlines Global E-Invoicing Compliance

E-Invoice Streamlines Global E-Invoicing Compliance

Our comprehensive local knowledge helps us to keep you updated with the constantly evolving regulatory atmosphere.

Data Extraction and Mapping

Recognize all arenas required for fiscal compliance. Map all of them based on the correct XML schema suggested by the local tax administration.

Invoice Monitoring

Track rejection and invoice notices, view attachments in various formats, and view audit trails. Your team can now monitor everything - approved and rejected invoices and also reduce risks and errors.

AR and AP Invoice Management

A uniform platform to organize accounts payable and accounts receivable invoicing. It allows you to stay compliant with both processes- submit, validate, and receive invoices to clients and suppliers.

VAT Reporting

Optimal use of AR and AP processes assure compliant VAT reporting.

Guarantee authenticity and integrity

Assure that certified authorities approve invoices through digital certificates. They must be accredited by the local tax authorities.

Contingency Management

Assure smooth business activities regardless of any government system failure.

Global Transmission and Government Connectivity

Associate with more than 60 tax administrations covering B2B and B2G needs with a secure and certified connection.


Examine received and issued invoices and syntactically validate them. This will ensure the XML document meets the specifications of the local tax authorities’ technical.

Flexible End-to-End Integration With Any ERP

Implement a data integration process with the internal system. This will automate the task of issue and receipt of all invoices. Good solution adaptability allows you to drive integration with any ERP.

Automated Printing

Generate legal invoices along with logo, signing data, and special barcodes.

Accelerated Electronic Invoicing Features

  • Electronic Invoicing is a customized ready-made solution that allows you to smoothly integrate ERP-based billing systems.
  • The system comprehensively follows the statutory regulations of the government required for e-invoicing.
  • Accelerated E-Invoice offers automatic generation and cancellation of the IRN.
  • It provides a similar user interface, which makes it simpler to adopt it.
  • Comprehensive support on integration and provide full information about any updates from the Government.
  • The electronic invoice system can also be integrated with other tax-based solutions.

What are the key Accelerated Electronic Invoicing Benefits?


Improved Supplier-Buyer Relationship

A quick and efficient payment helps to improve supplier-buyer relationships. It will help streamline the process as well.


Reap Benefits of Early Payments

An easy and quick e-invoicing process allows early payments. This means that the supplier can acquire good discounts.


Reduced Costs

As compared to traditional processes, the e-invoicing process is faster. It helps you save 50-70% more than what you acquired through the traditional process.


Better Data Management

A streamlined e-invoice process allows seamless document exchange with trading partners. There are reduced document mistakes and improved payment cycles.

Discover the Fundamental Functionalities of Accelerated E-invoicing


Simplify your associations with all of your trading partners.


You can now provide authorized and signed invoices through email.


The legal compliant cloud-based archive helps to provide quick access of documents to authorized users securely.


Well-stated validation rules used for e-invoicing enable minimum errors in documents. These rules are frequently applied in the e-invoicing procedure.

Managing AP/AR

Better handling and optimization of accounts receivable and accounts payable processes


Supports varied distribution channels to all receivers (for instance- portal, integration, email).

Format Conversion

The e-invoice can be easily converted into XML. The invoice can also be converted into other formats such as PDF, IDOC, VDA, etc. as per the partner’s request.

Why opt for Accelerated Electronic Invoicing System?

Our next-generation electronic invoicing system will benefit both the suppliers as well as the buyers. Let’s have a glance at each of them.


  • We offer a modern electronic invoicing platform that allows suppliers to speed up transactions and improve the flow of cash. They can route for a faster approval process.
  • E-Invoicing system also enables the suppliers to improve their account reconciliation process. The customers will send the invoice paid to simplify the reconciliation of the account.
  • In addition, the suppliers can also curtail their costs as they don’t have to bear the additional expenditure of printing, storing, and processing the documents.


  • E-Invoicing has increased the productivity and automation process. There is no need for manual data-entry work as information is sent directly to the buyer.
  • The buyers can take the benefit from the annual payment discount offered by the suppliers, an opportunity to save more money.
  • The electronic invoicing system has strengthened the relationship between suppliers and buyers.

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