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SAP Fiori –

SAP Fiori is basically a bundle of apps released by SAP, that aims to deliver a refreshing and enthralling UX for most of the important SAP processes. It serves as a common access medium for the varied SAP functions that it covers.

There are three classes the Fiori apps fall into:

  • Transactional apps: Enables users to utilise SAP on their mobile as well as desktop. These run best on SAP HANA database and are used for tasks like travel request, employee leave, etc.
  • Factsheet: It allows to search facts or statistics about a specific business object, thereby bypassing the need to launch SAPGUI and remembering the dreaded t-code(s)!
  • Analytical apps: As the name suggests, such apps are used to analyse large volumes of data and gather valuable insights from them. Market conditions can be monitored in real time. Integration with SAP Business Suite is an added advantage.


HCI (HANA Cloud Integration)

In the e-commerce sector, we come across platforms being integrated with each other. Taking it a step further, SAP launched the HANA Cloud Integration platform to ease out the process of integrating platforms. HCI enables firms to integrate their cloud and non-cloud platforms on a single platform. It is released as a SaaS; hence no additional infrastructure is required.

HCI has helped to simplify and manage the integration workflow in the following manner:

  • Integration flows can be built seamlessly, using pre-packaged integration content.
  • No compromise as far as security of electronic communications is concerned.
  • Risk of compliance is reduced.
  • Supports existing SAP PO content and its import into HCI.


SMP (SAP Mobile Platform)

SMP, previously known as Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), is a mobile application development platform, with its prime focus on the B2B and B2C communities. SMP 3.0 is the latest in this series, bundled with innovative tools that makes application development exciting.

SMP 3.0 comes equipped with the following components –

  • Syclo Agentry: It is the tool that accounts for designing, deploying and managing the mobile app lifecycle by enabling admins connect bits and pieces of complex workflows
  • SAP management cockpit: Functioning as an admin console, it ensures the deploying, managing and monitoring native, hybrid and Agentry applications.
  • SMS toolkit: Basically, it is an SMS builder that is used to develop short message server (SMS) mobile applications.
  • Integration gateway: It can convert runtime data from different backend sources like SOAP web services, JPA or JDBC data sources into OData.
Why Accely?

Accely has carved out a niche for itself in the enterprise mobility services arena. Having a strong hold over Sybase SUP and Sybase Afaria, its expertise is proven in this domain.

The developers’ team at Accely, equipped with the latest technical know-how, ensure that your product is delivered in the shortest possible turnaround time.

Also, clients can expect unparalleled attention to their technical concerns, during the post-developmental stages of their app product.

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