SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM)

SAP Profitability and Performance Management or PaPM is a new product suite. It is a rebranding of Performance Management for Financial Services or FS-PER. A native SAP HANA-based solution that helps organizations in conducting complicated calculations maintain large volumes of data to drive improved business decisions.

SAP PaPM provides next-generation integrated performance management applications with no set data model. It helps business enterprises to gain more flexibility and accelerate profitability. You can perform a cost analysis with minimum investment.

A Complete Solution

Developed on SAP HANA Platform

A Business user-centric product

Provides Granular ViewPoint

Driver-Enabled Stimulations

Real-time access to data and insights

Powerful and Efficient Calculator Engine

Enhances Business Proficiency

Source Data Agnostic

Zero Data Replication

Three-in-One Solution

SAP Profitability and Performance Management is a comprehensive analytical tool leveraging data from various sources to calculate, and enrich it. It can also run simulations and predictions intelligently.

bussinessdata Serves as a Data Aggregator

It can utilize and integrate data from multiple sources (both internal and external) with zero data replication.

Serves as a Calculation Engine

Process large volumes of data, perform complex calculations to enrich data and allow traceability and audit ability.

Serves as an Application Stimulator

Perform the stimulation of what-if scenarios by providing data-insights at your fingertips in a user-friendly way.

A Comprehensive Core Solution

SAP Profitability and Performance Management is the source and destination data agnostic. This means the SAP product can be completely integrated with SAP and non-SAP applications.

SAP PaPM also provides pre-configured sample content to calculate and data models to demonstrate the efficiency of the integrated platforms. With the additional benefit of flexible designs and accelerated implementation, you can configure all content to fit your business requirements.

Provides extensive support to all important allocations such as costs, capital, revenues, servers, and other metrics. You can also find support for the allocation of assessments, global expenses, revenue splitting, etc.

Innovative and industry-standard support for various pricing and costing models including static, dynamic, and risk-adjusted. The model provides instant calculations and transfers pricing.

A powerful and highly-efficient calculator engine that provides predictions, and projections based on retrospective and prospective calculations. It also offers generic, workbook, R Language, iterations, and default calculations for algebraic computations, stochastic computations, and repetitive calculations.

Reconciliations and updates help in real-time batch synchronizations between two or more systems. It offers both qualitative and quantitative reconciliations. Other functions re-synchronize the system through recording and delivering transactions.

The key business ownership hierarchy model gets integrated with consolidation functionalities such as fund calculation, intragroup transactions, conversion of currency, adjustment of recalculations, carryforwards, and calculation related specific account.

Utilizing the models for actual planning, predictions, and stimulations. The model management functionality involves input and output management. It offers clear separation and maintaining assumptions and parameters.

The run management manages calculations in single or multiple steps based on client requirements. It helps to run production, simple simulations, and water scenario sequences.

It offers traceability and auditability management records to configure changes, execute models, and get input data assumptions.

SAP PaPM can seamlessly integrate with Business Warehouse and Business Planning & Consolidation with an aim to unleash the metadata, master data, and data models. It even provides ready-to-go planning functions.

It can smoothly integrate with SAP S/4 HANA business suite and Enterprise Resource Planning to unleash data models, metadata, and master data. The list also includes

  • Data Element Synchronization, which makes master and metadata accessible together with all specified searches in FS-PER.
  • ERP Data Modules along with SAP HANA can be used through Model Views within FS-PER.
  • Remote Function Adapter updates transactions on both non-SAP and SAP General Ledgers.

It helps to deliver all-important funds and Liquidity Pricing related to foreign banks into a single solution. SAP has developed FS-PER to support large volumes of data at high speed and configuring event-based product LTP calculations. It also allows periodic funding and liquidity contributions to strip funding, break funding, replicate portfolio, matching maturity, and other volume and account-based approaches.

ISAP PaPM serves as an integrated forecasting platform to model and orchestrates the process flow of P&L Balance and Capital Stress-Testing. You can expect complete transparency and full results through computations.

You can utilize it as a risk and solvency platform for modeling and orchestrating the full process flow of regulatory Solvency II. Risk-based capital calculations and ORSA provide total transparency and drill-down results via computations.

SAP PaPM is a perfect replacement for PCM as it works on the same functionality and developed on SAP HANA platform. Thus, it can align more with the in-memory platform.

SAP Simplifies PaPM Implementation

SAP has simplified the implementation of PaPM solution to make it more efficient. It is based on a proven and tested technique with complete transparency and sharing of knowledge. This is the major reason why clients are approaching us to implement SAP.

Accely provide you with templates and samples that you can run quickly. We also ensure that you get a comprehensive understanding of the steps in the process. We also provide you with freedom and a degree of self-sufficiency.

What Do You Receive?

Profitability and Performance Management gets support from the SAP HANA platform. It helps to deploy the solution with ease and provides maximum control. Cloud delivery provides a quick time to value. It can also be delivered as a hybrid model supporting various deployment scenarios. This includes on-premise to third-party deployments.

Our experienced SAP Consultants will provide you with complete information related to all options. You have the leverage to choose the best option that fits best according to your business requirements and model.

Get in touch with us today to take your business operations to the next level of innovation and transformation.

Why Choose Accely for PaPM Solutions?

Accely is an authorized SAP partner with expertise in developing high-end SAP applications. It has been following the industry’s best practices and the latest trends delivering value to diverse business verticals. It will stay true to its reputation while providing SAP Profitability and Performance Management Solutions. Thus, if you want to accomplish real-time actionable insights and align the process with performance and profitability, get in touch with our consultants. Choose PaPM to boost profit, ROI, and performance.

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