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What Is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain technology refers to the transparent, trusted, publicly accessible ledger that allows us to securely transfer the ownership of units of value using public key encryption and proof of work methods. The technology uses decentralized consensus to maintain the network, which means it is not centrally controlled by a bank, corporation, or government. In fact, the larger the network grows and becomes increasingly decentralized, the more secure it becomes.

At its core, blockchain relies on a decentralised, digitalised and distributed ledger model. By its nature, this is more robust and secure than the proprietary, centralised models which are currently used in the trade ecosystem.

In simple words, blockchain technology is a disseminated ledger platform to get a grip of all your transactions in a protected and encrypted manner. It is a chain of blocks that is segregated across the network and connected together to provide a dependable, secure, and highly-advanced solution to record digital information.

SAP Blockchain Technology- A Plethora Of Different Services

SAP Blockchain
As a Service
  • SAP offers its BaaS service that complements other platforms and ERP solutions
  • SAP Blockchain offers a low risky gateway to blockchain for clients
  • It empowers every customer and developer to make blockchain actionable and benefit their business.
Framework Support
  • Multichain- It helps to carry-out multiple activities through a single framework.
  • Hyperledger Fabric-A personalized network that allows you to share information with industry experts.
  • Quorum-This helps to amplify speed of the transactions.
SAP Blockchain
  • SAP HANA Blockchain Service- helps connecting blockchain platforms to SAP HANA
  • SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain- Easy and Low risk approach to create blockchain based applications in the cloud.
Blockchain Service
  • SAP HANA Blockchain adapter- Enables easy adaptation of different blockchain networks.
  • SAP HANA Integration Service- Helps align and enhance the features of blockchain technology.
SAP Cloud Platform
Blockchain Service
  • Offer an alternative to utilize traditional Blockchain solutions.
  • Enables easy integration with SAP ERP solutions with the help of SAP Leonardo.
  • Integrates with next-generation solutions and advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, etc.
Why Implement
SAP for Blockchain?
  • Doesn’t compete with other blockchain platforms, but improves them
  • Business Process Centered
  • Enhance Network Experience
  • BaaS Abstraction Layer

Accely’s SAP Blockchain Consulting Services
Can Guide You In Application Development

Blockchain Application Development

This technology possesses robust aptitude to build pioneering blockchain applications required for enterprises all across the world.

Enterprise Solutions

This disruptive platform has tremendous potential and this is a significant reason why several prominent organizations resort to blockchain technology.

Advisory and Consulting Services

We understand the dynamics of your business before recommending an appropriate blockchain solution for effectual and constructive business revolution.

Integration Services

Integration is one of the fundamental traits of the blockchain platform. Our seasoned experts commit to smooth and successful integration of the application with the cloud.

Blockchain Framework

Our expertise lies in structuring secure, decentralized, and dependable blockchain applications with the help of a wide array of frameworks.

Testing Services

Our blockchain consulting services comprises application testing services. We ensure that all the components work in-sync with each other. Besides, it is convenient to link them with blockchain fabric that interacts in your preferred pattern.

How We Work For SAP Blockchain

Every blockchain service offering is unique but consists of certain basic aspects

Structure & Implementation

Third party integration, complex implementation management, and custom coding assures that each solution is suitable for the current system and future requirements.

Asset and Solutions

Our blockchain consulting services are inclusive of proprietary software add-ons such as hardware security modules, redaction and key management. These add-ons provide you with personalization and better control over the application and business process.

Strategy Assessment

As a blockchain technology company, we can evaluate your goals and the technology’s effectiveness on your entity. We can also create a roadmap and prioritize your transformation.

Ecosystem Management

Consider the bigger picture and in the meantime we can set-up your new blockchain solution with improved networks and ecosystems. Our experts will utilize their functional expertise to provide a robust ecosystem for your business.

Solution Design

A universal solution design comprises process, people, technology, and operating model. This design has its effectiveness throughout your business.

Quality Training and Rapid Prototyping

Make the most of technology workshops and training. Your team can get an opportunity to learn from a technology expert at a conducive blockchain development atmosphere.

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SAP Blockchain Technology Company Via Accely Provides Countless Benefits To Revolutionize Your Business

Before you invest in any technology, it is important to learn their impact on your business.
Accely’s blockchain technology services are the most convenient and possess the lowest-risk gateway.

Quicker processes

Blockchain has the potential to accelerate business processes even in multi-party scenarios. They enable faster transactions within regular business hours.

Reduced Roadblocks

Blockchain is a genuine example of a peer-to-peer solution. It eliminates intermediaries in the process. This fast-tracks the speed of the process and you acquire fruitful outcomes within a stipulated period.


All the reputed and authoritative representatives have access to essential information in blockchain technology. They have access to review and share their consent on this information.


Blockchain technology is one of the most secure intelligent technologies that you can utilize for your business. This technology can protect the confidential business data. This means you don’t have to be worrisome about that being hacked or misused by any intruder.


Blockchain is programmable this means that most activities are carried out automatically and can trigger actions, events, and payments. They can be programmed based on your business requirements.

Accely offers end-to-end blockchain services that diminishes the dependencies of all intermediary firms.

Key Areas Where SAP Blockchain Can Exhibit Its Potential

Blockchain transactions help to achieve transparency and alignment across the chain. It allows you to update the real-time process, track the status of materials, and demonstrate authenticity. Your business can relish streamline the transportation flow completely. Make optimal and high-end use of blockchain to smoothen your supply chain.

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Blockchain services enable sturdy integration abilities in the public sector. It improves all the transactions of government-owned assets, real-estate, and back-office performance. Blockchain technology is the ultimate solution for transparent ecosystem and trusted transactions.

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You no longer have to worry about your eCommerce venture expansion via the distribution marketplace. Blockchain technology can you with transparent and stable marketplace transactions, supply chain management, and inventory tracking.

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Blockchain solutions can maintain updated health records to supply chain management. Blockchain services are regarded as a boon to the healthcare industry. This technology can enable storage and management of massive and actual transactions along with secure data retrieval.

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Blockchain technology is a source of advanced and improved networks. This technology can help implement a cryptographically-secure and ledger-based platform. This block-pattern cloud platform has almost minimal to negligible scope of failure. This is why blockchain technology is beneficial for your business.

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Accely’s SAP Blockchain Technology Solutions

Blockchain Development
Supply Chain Management via Blockchain
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Private Blockchain Development
Digital Contract Development
Threat-Free Wallet
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Why Is Accely A Beneficial Solution For SAP Blockchain Technology?

With years of in-depth knowledge, creative, and insightful approach, Accely has the capability to determine the next-generation technological enhancement. This helps the team to amplify the scope of business expansion.

Accely offers you a rewarding and an all-inclusive blockchain technology solution. Our solution comprises prototyping, realization, testing, consulting, and successful execution of enterprise solutions. Our experts can recommend personalized solutions to businesses based on their specific business requirements.

We assist firms become tough, organize, and improvise with the reliable and secure advanced technologies to ensure smooth transactions.

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