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SAP Leonardo fast tracks the business by leveraging a platform to infuse the latest technologies seamlessly.

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What is SAP Leonardo

Named after an intelligent renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci, SAP Leonardo is an empowering platform to incorporate the latest digital innovations into the business and reap its benefits ahead of the time.


SAP Leonardo is the contemporary digital addition to the SAP family. This innovative system when leveraged with the latest technologies offers a wide array of services and micro-services to businesses.


You can combine the system with cutting-edge intelligent technologies such as IoT, blockchain, Big Data, analytics, and many more.

Which solutions does SAP Leonardo include?

With years of in-depth knowledge, creative, and insightful approach, Accely has the capability to determine the next-generation technological enhancement. This helps the team to amplify the scope of business expansion.

Accely offers you a rewarding and an all-inclusive blockchain technology solution. Our solution comprises prototyping, realization, testing, consulting, and successful execution of enterprise solutions. Our experts can recommend personalized solutions to businesses based on their specific business requirements.

We assist firms become tough, organize, and improvise with the reliable and secure advanced technologies to ensure smooth transactions.

What can SAP Leonardo do for your business?

Integrate Future-Facing Technologies and Capabilities

SAP Leonardo integrates the technology breakthroughs in the SAP cloud platform and offers design thinking methodologies, benchmarking, data intelligent tools for various technologies, services, and apps.

Tailored Accelerator Packages and Methodologies

SAP Leonardo offers the fixed price and specially tailored accelerator packages including methodologies, cloud license, development and design services for prototypes to the final version.

Quantify and Track

SAP Leonardo can assess the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) for the equipment and assets of your enterprise.

Remotely Access and Alter Functionalities

It can operate various machines remotely and alter its functioning as per requirements.

Easily Track and
Trace System

Using SAP Leonardo IoT and SAP Connected Goods tools, shipment track and trace systems can be ease out quite considerably.

Six core technological domains: Prominent Intelligent Technologies For SAP Leonardo

Machine Learning
  • With SAP Leonardo, Machine Learning has made an impactful comeback.
  • Machine Learning can be easily embedded in enterprise applications along with SAP Leonardo. No wonder you find traces of Machine Learning everywhere.
  • This combination of SAP Leonardo and Machine Learning is an effective solution to resolve common business issues.
  • Analytics is significant for all applications and processes implemented for your intelligent enterprise.
  • SAP Leonardo embedded analytics combined with Machine Learning can be lucrative for your business.
  • It offers you valuable insights to design customized processes and applications for your business and lead to digital transformation.
  • SAP has now shifted to BaaS technology with SAP Leonardo and accompanies various hulks such as Microsoft and IBM.
  • These hulks have incorporated blockchain wisely to embrace digital transformation and as a fundamental secure tool for business.
  • The SAP BaaS allows you to test the distributed ledger technology and with reduced risks.
Big Data
  • Acquire the authority to manage, oversee, and scale your entire business data.
  • A mix solution for cloud and on premise accessibility.
  • Generate link between stored data and other connecting systems.
Data Intelligence
  • SAP Data Intelligence is an amalgamation of the good attributes of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation and SAP Data Hub. All these are integrated in a uniform SAP Cloud platform.
  • SAP Data Intelligence is empowered by Machine Learning.
  • This tool can help transform SAP Cloud solutions into valuable insights.
Internet of Things
  • IoT has the potential to improve processes with data-driven intelligence from products, supply chain, machines, etc.
  • SAP Leonardo Intelligent helps enrich your business data.
  • SAP Leonardo solution allows you to implement business rules to organize business activities.

Accely Liquid Studio for SAP solutions

A quick and innovative development method to accelerate your business results. Accely studio can create, develop, and deliver apps as per your business requirements.

Reduced Risks

The modern Leonardo solution has the potential to transform ideas into a strong concept and make the most of digital transformation.

Contemporary Design

SAP Intelligent solutions can create a perfect blend of human and machine. This contemporary design helps to suffice the needs of end users.

Rapid Transformation

Irrespective of the nature of your industry, SAP Intelligent solutions are scalable and flexible.

Improve Enterprise Capabilities

Intelligent, dynamic and customized solutions that extend potential of business applications.

Quality Experience

Successful and effective applications for businesses belonging to diverse industries.

Unlock The Value in Your Business Applications Through Accely Solutions with SAP Intelligent Technologies

The Leonardo solution is suitable for varied businesses. Discussed here are some ways how this solution helps a couple of business functions:

  • SAP Leonardo solution offers you a smart manufacturing line.
  • Improved printing experience from digital to 3D printing.
  • Increased business efficiency with the help of intelligent technologies.
  • A convenient work environment.
  • Improved collections with the help of intelligent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc.
  • Reduced early payments and optimized discount strategies.
  • Strategic decision-making potential for varied business processes within the firm with a smart corporate dashboard.
  • Smart techniques to people management.
  • A capable digital HR assistant via intelligent technologies.
  • Smooth and quick sick leave and workflow organizer.
  • Impactful marketing tactics to influence customer decisions.
  • Leonardo solutions simplify self-service experience.
  • SAP Leonardo Intelligent solution helps to retain customers.
  • Leonardo solutions with intelligent technologies can help transform buying to a new level.
  • Reduced maverick expense as Leonardo Intelligent provides valuable insights on compliance.

Benefits Of SAP Leonardo Solution For Your Business

Discover Business Opportunities

Your intelligent enterprise can now discover new business avenues, acquire detailed data, analysis, and AI.

Boost Business Productivity

Make optimal use of your resources including man and processes.

Acquire Control Over Business Activities

Use the right data to make real-time and impactful business decisions and actions.

Digital Transformation With Intelligent Technologies

Create and implement modern business models and automated processes to ensure digital transformation for your entity.


Automate and prioritize business tasks and process as per your firm’s requirements.

Enhanced Flexibility

Modify and transform the business with current industry trends. Adopt a flexible and agile methodology to stay with the industry pace.

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