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SAP Analytic Cloud is a single solution for business intelligence, enterprise planning and augmented with the power of predictive analytics and machine learning technology

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What is SAP Analytics Cloud (SAP SAC)?

Accely offers a fully comprehensive, cloud-based analytics solution that combines BI, planning and predictive capabilities. Smart data preparation, data discovery, planning, and predictive analysis capability ideal for all industries and organizations. Our next-generation solutions are built from scratch and enables entities to discover, plan, predict, and collaborate with five real-time dashboards in one place.


With SAP Analytics Cloud, analysts can design innovative visual tales based on your primary business areas. The IT team can conveniently manage this with the help of reliable data.Rapid answers to important questions, provision for detailed information, and interactive visuals can help you make better business decisions.

SAP Analytic Cloud (SAP SAC)- Product Overview

SAP Analytic Cloud (SAP SAC ) is a business-friendly tool that can ensure corporate scalability. It is well-designed for self-service and governed information distribution.
Irrespective of the nature of your business, this SAP solution can help you to a large extent to make decisions.

  • It is designed to provide corporate scalability and for governed information distribution.
  • Advanced user management allows quick access to new users and groups.
  • A reliable and secure solution to access and distribute information.
  • You acquire self-service provision that ensures case delivery within trusted boundaries.
  • Exceptional collaborative expedition. You can share insights and plan with other departments and team members.
  • Use cloud, on premise or third party to access all your insights and to use analytics catalog.

This smart SAP Analytic Cloud (SAP SAC ) solution possesses augmented capabilities that help you to make better business decisions.

  • Embedded Machine Learning technology helps discover correlations in the acquired data.
  • You have the liberty to design single click and automated dashboards.
  • Key influencer analysis and what-if simulations can help design customized dashboards
  • Type your business query to acquire insights. This is possible due to the presence of natural language processing (NLP).
  • Utilize industry-specific content for your domain.

Its rapid connectivity carries out multiple tasks at a faster pace than other alternatives. Secure and live connectivities provide you real-time data access. You no longer need to update data manually since it is done automatically.

  • Live connectivity allows access to on premise data sources such as dashboard, stories, updated data, etc.
  • Live connectivity also eliminates data duplication.
  • You can enjoy advantages of advanced security and data management.
  • SAP Clouds allows you to use more than 150 import data connectors.

Cloud SAP Analytics solution helps you to meet all business ends and to amalgamate planning, business intelligence, and predictive analysis all through a unified platform.

  • A single view to access your budgets, actual, predictions, and forecasts.
  • You can test predictive circumstances with the help of regression, classification, and forecasting.
  • Embrace the contemporary digital boardroom experience. Enjoy interactive live meetings with valuable insights.
  • Efficiently use dashboards and stories from anywhere and anytime through your mobile app.

All Analytics. All Users. One Product - SAP Analytic Cloud (SAP SAC)


Why SAP Analytic Cloud?

Improved business planning

Simplify your business planning process with the help of SAP Analytics Cloud. This solution offers you collaborative tools that allow aligning all business plans and tasks to be accomplished in varied departments. You can implement precise and end-to-end planning at different business levels. This SAP solution offers you water-tight security to your business data. You can design and alter planning models based on your business requirements. A single solution for data driven analysis, budgeting, forecasting, planning and reporting.

Intellectual forecasting

You can enjoy a different forecasting experience all thanks to advanced analytics and built-in Machine Learning Functionality. Accurate predictive forecasting, with easily accessible results, real-time forecast, and easy-to-understand visual formats. You can make optimal use of smart technology to determine several circumstances.

Key insights

A deeper understanding of your business can be acquired with embedded advanced technologies. This combination provides business insights that are invisible to the human eye, offering effective business decisions at a rapid pace. The Cloud Analytics solution also gives you a clear glimpse of business KPIs and current business position.

Higher potential to make right decisions

A uniform platform integrated with BI, predictive analytics, and advanced planning potential can provide every minute information of your business. With this SAP solution, you are likely to reap benefits such as accurate insights, real-time analysis, etc. This skill set empowers you to make better, faster and wiser decisions to enhance the overall business performance.

SAP SAC - Analytics form the top floor to the shop floor

SAP Digital Boardroom

Total Transparency
Instant data-driven insights Simplified steering meetiings

SAP Analytics Cloud

Business Intelligence
Planning Simulation Forecasting Predictive

SAP Analytics within applications

SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics
SAP Fiori integration Best-Practice business content

The Right Mix Of Smart Technologies With SAP Analytic Cloud

Business Intelligence (BI)

Discover data across your business and make smart business decisions with self-service analytics.

  • Effective preparation and modelling

    Acquire deeper and refined insights with automated data cleansing. They help you to eliminate errors in data and categorize them.

  • Data examination and visualization

    Irrespective of the data size, you can study the data. This data can be transformed into interactive visualization to motivate audiences.

  • Easy to understand

    The visual data representation is easier to understand and draw conclusions. It helps you to understand your business activities briefly.

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Augmented Analysis

SAP Analytics Cloud possesses Business Intelligence. It also has augmented analytics potential empowered with Machine Learning and AI. This helps in planning workflows.

  • Automated Machine Learning

    The proper use of ML algorithms can provide you new patterns, relationships, and other essential data. This will help to convert insights into actionable plans.

  • Conversational Analytics

    Simply ask questions in a conversational format to get your queries resolved. You can acquire answers in the form of explanations as well as data visualizations. This is possible due to the presence of natural language processing (NLP).

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SAP SAC -  Augmented Analysis

Smart Predictive Analytics

A single click can generate forecasts and estimated outcomes for your business. You don’t have to follow a lengthy and tedious process to acquire forecasts.


  • Enterprise Planning

    Implement one solution to acquire improved business decisions with integrated plans. This solution can help link and create plans effortlessly.


  • Intellectual Planning

    Forecasting and Machine Learning tools help you to comprehend your current and future business requirements.


  • 360-degree advanced analytics

    A single SAP cloud interface can be used to design and modify planning models for data-driven forecasting, budgeting and analysis.


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The Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAP SAC)

Simplified Data

SAP Analytics Cloud can easily integrate with your business data and recommend appropriate solutions. It can connect to data from different sources and interpret it through effective visuals. This comprehensive visual description can help you make the right decisions.

Transparent Business Status

Augmented analytics empowered with AI and Machine Learning offers automated insights of multiple business levels. Expand your business with automatically explored key insights of the past. This will help determine accurate future circumstances.

A Step In The Future

A simple collaboration of enterprise planning with cloud solutions can help you derive improved business prospects. Align your financial, strategic, and operational planning with SAP Analytics Cloud and gain hold on all business areas.

Discover More About Your Business

Reliable data acquired through SAP Analytics Cloud can help design significant visual stories. It helps you to interact efficiently through clear visuals and answers all your queries.

Plan Your Framework

SAP Analytics Cloud gives you the authority to design and modify versions of your planning data. The collaborative enterprise planning allows you to design

The Accely Difference

Accely offers end-to-end solutions inclusive of analysis, forecasting, and budgeting.

Over the years, Accely has provided a helping hand for enterprise resource planning to businesses belonging to diverse industries. Our professional and experienced team will recommend the most effective solution based on your business requirements.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge
Universally Acceptable Solutions
24 × 7 Assistance
Improved ROI

SAP Analytic Cloud (SAP SAC) - Product Overview

Streamline your financial planning process with a suitable planning integration for your entire business

  • A user-friendly Machine Learning technology that automatically highlights industry trends.
  • Utilize real-time data acquired from reliable sources to design future plans.
  • A single analytics solution to boost user confidence and data accuracy.
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Optimize data for better team management, lucrative business opportunities, and acquire a competitive edge.

  • Real-time forecast allows smooth management of sales headcount and quotas.
  • Shareable dashboard grants a clear picture of revenue growth and position of sales pipeline health.
  • User-friendly intelligent technologies can automatically signify sales opportunities and trends.
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A complete overview of HR activities helps optimize staffing and human resources.

  • Envision labor and recruiting costs and evaluate cost to performance results.
  • Acquire a 360-degree vision of the workforce with the pool of data from different sources.
  • To plan for future expansion use Machine Learning technology.
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Organize business operations with an efficient association with intelligent technologies and industry standards.

  • Data-driven decision-making can boost business efficiency.
  • Identify drawbacks at an early stage to implement an effective plan.
  • All tasks can be examined and evaluated from a single spot.
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Restructure your orders correctly and enable delivery to businesses and customers effortlessly.

  • Secure and timely delivery to businesses and customers.
  • Intelligent technologies eliminate miss-communication and synchronize orders.
  • Real-time information of delivery status through live tracking.
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Key operations managed by Climate 21

  • Analyzing Customer Emission Footprints, Production planning and control.
  • Environment safety including quality management, and handling-unit management.
  • Machinery Status and Overall Carbon Emission Via Operations.
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