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Today’s automakers face many challenges including growing competition, the rising cost of raw materials and excess production capacity. Beyond these economic factors, the industry is also experiencing significant change in other areas such as outsourcing parts manufacturing and design. Overcoming these challenges with an outdated, inflexible IT infrastructure is simply not possible.

The automotive industry has had a long run of success based on its ability to seamlessly adapt to customer requirements in terms of technology and design. This has given rise to the highest levels of product development and engineering being implemented in conjunction with technology that is futuristic and cutting-edge. As a part of this industry you are also a part of the change that this domain brings while new trends and discoveries are made in technology.

That’s why many of the leading automotive brands and 9 of the top 10 industry OEMs work with us to optimize their supply chains reduce cost and achieve greater levels of business performance. Our expertise in procurement, marketing, sales, service and auto finance help rationalize operational costs and unlock greater process efficiencies.

In line with the constant change that the automotive industry experiences, Accely tracks, analyzes, develops and implements automotive industry solutions that cover every aspect of this business right from processes like procurement and logistics to product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and after sales. Through our services we strive to provide automotive industry solutions that drive efficiency while significantly reducing production costs for your automotive assembly line without compromising in any way to the quality you showcase. From automotive electronics to automotive manufacturing, we provide solutions that can power the automotive sector with the latest technologies.


Automotive Manufacturing & Quality

In today’s economic scenario, automotive manufacturers are facing competing pressures to reduce manufacturing cost, ensure good quality and comply with strict regulations (TREAD, CAFÉ, ISO 14000, etc). This increases the demand for right strategic actions to holistically manage and optimize operations across the global manufacturing network. Increased focus is required for coordinating production across facilities in order to standardize operations and ensure good product quality.

Automotive manufacturers will have to further leverage technology that will take them to the next level of operational efficiency. This will not only help them in managing their manufacturing operations (including maintenance, production, quality and inventory) but will also ensure better collaboration with the supplier network. There will also be increased focus on implementing Lean principles at all levels for reducing “muda” (waste) from the entire manufacturing operations.


How can Accely Help?

With rich execution experience in manufacturing projects, Accely was adjudged the leader in the Manufacturing operations space by AMR (amongst the offshore IT service providers) based on the depth and breadth of work done. Accely brings deep domain capabilities in the area of shop floor automation covering PLC and SCADA systems.

Automotive Marketing & sales

In an overall recessionary economy, the demand for purchasing new cars is likely to stay suppressed and the lead time from initial interest to actual sale would be longer. In such situations, organizations need to work on improving their Lead to Conversion ratio very aggressively. This would push companies to work on both the quantity as well as the quality of leads in the pipeline and also empower the sales force with readily available, relevant and updated information, so that speed of response against customer queries is satisfactory.

Maintaining the interest and profitability levels of dealerships would be one of the most important areas of OEM thrust to ensure that the dealership owners stay interested in this business venture. Another area of focus is expected to be Customer retention. As marketing & sales budgets are likely to stay under pressure in the short to medium term, automotive OEMs would be constrained to go all out in order to woo new customers. Thereby understanding and acting on insights from existing customers and holding them back with new car sales, more service and accessory based engagements, used car vehicle transactions etc will increase so that there is a rise in revenue share per customer.

How can Accely Help?

Accely has executed several custom application development and maintenance projects in the marketing & sales space which address key areas like Order management, Incentive management, B2C portals, Vehicle and Dealer tracking system, etc. Accely has also executed several complex Global CRM system roll outs. With deep rooted product partner relationships with Siebel (Oracle), SAP-CRM &, we have extensive capabilities across consulting, application implementation and maintenance, upgrade and support services.

Automotive – After Sales

The After Sales business in the automotive industry is becoming increasingly important for the OEMs especially in today’s turbulent economic environment. Contrary to the highly profitable after sales business, the profit margins are shrinking considerably in the new car sales business.

OEMs have to devise innovative business models in order to meet the changing consumer needs and improve their market share. Also, the dealerships have to improve their overall efficiency to ensure better services to the customers by investing in proper systems and processes. Organizations are expected to step up efforts to ensure better visibility of the complete operations and profitability thereof, improve forecasting and demand planning capabilities of service and spare parts so that non-availability situations are minimized, optimize inventories.

How can Accely Help?

Accely’s Automotive Group helps you meet the upcoming challenges in the After Sales segment by bringing its in-depth understanding of the Automotive After Sales domain and rich technological expertise. We have extremely good proficiency in the areas of dealer management systems (DMS) and warranty. We have executed multiple projects in the DMS space including development of a comprehensive custom built DMS application.

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