SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a reinvented client experience accommodating standard business applications for general business actions.


SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a complete package of the most common and widely used SAP functions pertaining to various business departments like manufacturing, finance, accounts, HR, sales, marketing, etc. Presently, it’s a bundle of 400+ applications for various user roles of the organization. For example, sales order tracking, approve or reject sales order, purchase order history, leave application, timesheet filling etc. are the part of this package.

The Fiori apps are divided into 3 categories:

  • Transactional Apps are those which enable users to perform transactions from any mobile or a desktop device. The examples are leave request, sales order request, timesheet filling, etc.
  • Fact Sheets provides quick information on important elements of the business such as display of purchase contract, sales meetings, contracts, etc.
  • Analytical Apps also are known as SAP smart business apps that provide performance-oriented information along with the other comprehensive business data. This type of information is frequently requested by organization’s key persons to analyze the business growth.

SAP Fiori Has An Edge Over Multiple SAP Applications

  • Ability to access anytime anywhere using desktop and mobile devices
  • ‘No server overloading’ makes SAP Fiori apps quite faster than ABAP apps
  • Fiori apps are stateless because most of the functions are executed at client side only
  • Built on modern design principles, SAP Fiori provides fluid and user-friendly UI to the user and eliminates the need for learning how to use it.
  • The user gets to choose re-arrangement of tiles and group management seamlessly
  • User-friendly UI, type-ahead search, and simple workflow decrease the downtime of any task, resulting in an increase in the productivity.
  • SAP Fiori is in compliance with SAP HANA workflow and offers the rich library that fits the growing needs of the majority of the roles.
  • SAP Fiori supports 150+ screen elements like panel, combo box, table, text, shell and so on.
  • Extended support to OData External, OData ABAP services, and OData Hana.

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