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The business and infrastructure environment in the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector is growing in complexity. There is a pressure to deliver increasing amounts of power, gas, and water over assets that are aging and gradually deteriorating. Simultaneously, safety, policy and regulatory concerns are bringing in fresh demands on operations and network management. Adding to the already challenging landscape is the unpredictability of low carbon technologies like solar and wind that need to be planned for and integrated.

SAP’s Internet of Things(IoT) driven smart grid application provides a smoother management for transmission and distribution sector. SAP smart grid module records the data for each and every node connected in transmission and distribution lines like meters, PLCs, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, XFMRs, RTUs and many substation entities. Accely has implemented SAP smart grid applications for a quite good number of client worldwide.

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SAP has covered each and every minute detail of T&D sector to drive the maximum operation fluidity in the systems.



  • For initial construction and engineering, SAP provides strategic portfolio development, project planning, project execution and throughout project documentation.
  • On Grid network setup and communication front, SAP empowers the utilities with electronic licenses management, electronic software installation, software maintenance and distribution.
  • SAP application performs grid operations staying in strict compliance to industry guidelines and 100% security.
  • The inspection, preventive maintenance and corrective measures of the grid are embedded in the SAP bundle.
  • Mobile integration, work and service integration and resource utilization are completely covered under SAP package.
  • Goods procurement, spare parts management, and warehouse management modules provide a cutting edge on procurement and inventory management.


  • Smart meter indulgence helps in performing grid maintenance, operations, and even GIS integration quite seamlessly.
  • AMI integration and grid maintenance & operations tremendously reduce the service cost and eventually increase
  • The smart grid’s highly advance and feature-rich outage management, secure & scalable demand response management system and efficient asset management contribute quite significantly towards fetching more revenues.

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