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Enrich Customer Experiences With Digitized SAP Service Cloud That Can Help Secure Your Brand And Grow Revenue.
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What is SAP Service Cloud?

SAP Service Cloud is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that helps B2B organizations provide excellent customer service to their customers. Through SAP Service Cloud, Service Agents are able to provide a consistent, positive, and efficient customer experience in order to manage incoming customer engagements, resolve issues, and deliver on customer expectations.


Long-lasting customers can be maintained with the modern and digitized end-to-end services. SAP Service Cloud can guide you to re-frame and completely transform your customer services. Familiarize your customers to your niche product journey through different channels. Allow your workforce to gain easy access to the needful information and provide your employees with real-time insights so that they frame an effective plan of action.

Overview of SAP Service Cloud

Today, by the time your sales rep approaches an audience, they have already decided which brand to buy. The delay in approach can be a bit costly since you may start losing out your customers.


It is time to opt for a digitized solution that can help you to define and reach customers before they approach you. SAP Service Cloud helps you to enhance engagement with your diverse customer base effectively.

Highlights of the SAP Service Cloud

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers can contact you using the channel that works best for them, and submit their inquiry quickly.

Machine Learning

Integrated machine learning continuously analyzes your service processes and automatically proposes solutions for new tickets. This is proven to speed up ticket processing.

Self Services

Your customers find answers to their questions in a portal and can contact your service employees easily.


The SAP Service Cloud analyzes processes in real time so you can continuously improve your performance.

Field Service Deployment

With the SAP Service Cloud, you not only have a consistent overview of your service agreements, you can also plan and carry out your on-site visits.

What Can SAP Service Cloud Offer You?


Assured Compliance With The Advanced Data Protection


Reduced Business Costs And Improved Use Of Resources


Relevant Information Management


Increased Number Of Satisfied Customers & Customer Relations


Combining And Knowledge Management


Encourage Employees


Optimal Usability And Mobility


Improved Solution Rates


Self-Service Portal


Uplift ROI


360-Degree Analysis And Reporting


Introducing Upselling And Cross-Selling Opportunities


Easy And Smooth Connectivity With The Central SAP

Prominent Features of SAP Service Cloud

Service Ticket Intelligence

Auto-analysis and categorization of emails and social media channels can help businesses to communicate with customers efficiently. Optimal use of time and resources resulting in content customers.

IoT Services

IoT technology helps to integrate your current business process with the modern system. It provides you proper and updated data along with deep insights required for your business.

Timely Maintenance

Automated maintenance and support helps to discard problems with connected devices. This helps you to reduce maintenance and servicing costs. All this can be achieved with the latest design and an efficient process.

SAP Asset Intelligence

SAP Asset Intelligence Network can help you to connect and share information with service providers, manufacturers, and plant operators. You can utilize a single platform for this that is cloud.

Resource Management

SAP Service Cloud offers you a crowd service solution. You can set custom-built platforms for specific searches. Combine skills and qualifications to provide the best services.

Customer Loyalty

Improved and comprehensive customer services result in an increased customer satisfaction. With an interactive and a unified platform, you create more loyal customers. This SAP solution offers you an opportunity to set a new benchmark and exceed customer expectations.

A 360 Degree Service Solution
For All Your Business Operations

Epic Service Instants

Offer elite omnichannel services with rapid problem-solving capabilities.

  • Maintain quality services through a single interface for your vast customer base
  • AI-based solutions and intelligent ticketing is the way to faster solutions
  • Provide accurate and required data, resources, and tools to your team for speedy work
  • Improve outcomes with the use of the advanced technologies and rapid resolution of tickets

Field Service Instants

Make flawless field service moments.

  • Choose skilled and experienced personnel for a particular task
  • Implement rapid solutions with AI-support scheduling
  • Modern tools enable improve enhanced employee engagement
  • Managers acquire clear visibility of business activities

Develop niche experience via self-experience

Possess the potential to provide exceptional services to your customers.

  • With conversational SAP AI-solution resolve customer queries rapidly
  • Provision of a secured medium with easy QR code scanning and appointment bookings
  • Share relevant and quality information with enhanced search capabilities
  • Utilize creative and branded self-service websites so that content is accessible at anytime and anywhere via the cloud platform

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