What is Dealer Management?

Dealers’ day-to-day functions encounter multiple operations from sales, finance, service, and more; all these functions of a dealership must work together and are easily trackable. A dealer management system (DMS) is a software platform that enables dealers to run their businesses more efficiently by consolidating all of the tools they require onto a single platform and managing every aspect of their operations. In addition, it establishes an efficient and cooperative communication channel so that all departments may communicate and stay updated about transactions taking place in other parts of the dealership.

Why do you need Accelerated Dealer Management Solution?

Dealers and distributors face the following challenges due to inefficient work processes:

  • Tedious and time-consuming manual data entries, employees respond to dealer inquiries by phone and e-mail, multiple entries result in costly errors and ultimately inefficient work procedures.
  • Poor dealer forecast management, incorrect client warranty details, and a lack of clearly accessible service history contribute to a lack of visibility.
  • There isn't any combination stock available, Inadequate standard industry reporting, no unified service history/solution knowledge base hence improper reporting.

How does DMS resolve these challenges?

Decreases Operational Costs

Streamline your procurement and purchase process to decrease manual entries, tedious drafting of purchase orders, and reduce all errors in entries.

Increased Visibility

Better insight into the sales pipeline allows businesses to plan production and marketing better.

Fast and Scalable

Business can be extended to unlimited vendors and distributors using this technology. It may be scaled across multiple verticals and has a quick deployment time.

Control from a Single Location

A unified system can be used to manage all of your operations. Organizations no longer require resources for managing logistics, freight, and transportation departments.

Typical features of Dealer Management Systems

  • Provides complete mobile-based purchase, payment, and order fulfillment automation.
  • Including primary and secondary sale returns, inventory levels, claims, and secondary schemes and collections.
  • The connector integrates data from various third-party solutions.
  • Suitable for multi-brand distributors.
  • Data-driven decision-making through the use of visually appealing, interactive reports and dashboards.

Uncommon features of DMS

  • Multi-location Management.
  • Free Price File Updates from Major Manufacturers & Distributors.
  • Slips & Storage Management.
  • Available on PCs, Macs, Tablets, and iPads.
  • Customizable as per your needs.

Benefits of a Dealer Management System designed on BTP

  • Simplified development and quick deployment allows seamless integration.
  • By providing flexible and user-friendly data management, it enables organizations to discover, connect, and orchestrate data with internal and external data flows.
  • Increases the level of automation in order to reduce manual efforts.


    If you’ve faced any of the issues listed above, or if you’re searching for a better approach to collaborate with your dealers, our DMS will provide you with all of that and more. Our Dealer Management System, which will fully integrate with your current SAP landscape, will give you a clear picture of your business through business information, analytics, and reporting. Empower your employees to make better decisions more quickly and find an industry-specific solution for your growing organization.


    Accely has created a number of solutions using the BTP platform powered by SAP, the most recent of which is the Dealer Management Solution. The fact that such a solution developed on BTP only integrates seamlessly with any SAP landscape makes it SAP user-friendly. You can use Accelerated Dealer Management Solution to manage all of your Dealer-related concerns on a single platform, giving you a 360-degree view of everything.

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