Power Generation


As the world economy improves, the growth is fuelling an unprecedented demand for energy. The demand, in turn, will place pressure on traditional producers who are witnessing a decline in their ability to deliver a cheap, safe and reliable energy. Oil & gas production is already moving towards unpredictable geographies. Newer sources of energy are being added to the mix.

Technological changes like Smart Grids have arrived. Power generation is being impacted by EHS regulations, the need for supply security, rising fuel costs, and trading integration. Amidst this, consumer expectations are evolving. Energy generation is in a state of extreme change.

To automate the requirements of power generation industries, SAP has emerged as a globally trusted solution with enormous features and benefits.

SAP Benefits

  • Right from the supplies and process enhancement, operations, industry reform compliance to new technology upgrades, everything is covered by SAP.
  • SAP modules optimize the power generation maintenance planning on a quite higher scale.
  • Asset operations & maintenance and asset network management get a noticeable amount of leap by SAP.
  • An intelligent Grid system offers the best meter data management, grid data processing, and even demand-side management to ensure smoother workflow.
  • The energy supply chain management and enhancement are completely taken care of by SAP modules resulting in a corporate sustainability.
  • The SAP solutions empower the company by providing solutions to departments other than manufacturing such as HR, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Customer Care, and Procurement to deliver a complete success.
  • The overall power generation system gets fastened, automated and streamlined resulting in a hike in company ROI.
  • The tremendous improvement in system performance supports the company to leverage a huge customer satisfaction.

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