Take your subscription services to new heights! Go beyond the basics to explore new opportunities and revenue streams with state-of-the-art technologies.

Introducing Accelerated Subscription Services, powered by the cutting-edge technology of RISE with SAP S/4HANA. This comprehensive package combines the power of Raapyd’s Subscription & Convergent Billing, Vendor Portal, and Field Service Management, seamlessly integrated to drive your business forward. Elevate your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and unlock new opportunities for success.

Harness the potential of the robust SAP ecosystem, dynamic Raapyd platform, and Accely’s global service excellence. Achieve operational excellence, delight customers, and seize new opportunities for success.

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Unleash the Power of RISE with SAP S/4HANA for Subscription Services

RISE with SAP S/4HANA revolutionizes subscription services by offering a comprehensive solution that optimizes every aspect of your business. Seamlessly onboard customers, leverage advanced billing and revenue management functionalities, and deliver unparalleled personalized experiences. This powerful platform empowers you to maximize revenue streams, enhance operational efficiency, and stay ahead in the competitive subscription market.

Objectives of RISE with SAP S/4HANA for Subscription Services

  • Optimize subscription management processes
  • Automate billing and revenue recognition
  • Enhance customer engagement and personalization
  • Improve analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Streamline vendor collaboration
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Empower Client

Transform Your Billing System with Subscription & Convergent Billing

Raapyd Subscription & Convergent Billing offers a comprehensive solution that consolidates diverse billing streams, such as subscriptions, usage-based charges, and one-time fees, into a unified platform. This consolidation simplifies your billing operations, providing a holistic view of customer invoicing. By streamlining the billing process, Raapyd ensures a seamless and efficient billing experience, reducing complexities and improving customer satisfaction.

Objective of Subscription & Convergent Billing for Subscription Services

  • Streamline billing operations for enhanced efficiency.
  • Enhance billing accuracy for improved operations.
  • Optimize revenue recognition for improved financial management.
  • Offer flexible pricing options for enhanced customization.
  • Unlock insights and analytics for informed decision-making.
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Vendor Portal

Optimize Procurement Processes with Vendor Portal Management

Vendor Portal Management empowers you to automate and streamline critical vendor processes such as onboarding, qualification, and performance evaluation. With a comprehensive vendor database, contract management, and real-time tracking of vendor performance metrics, you gain full control within a single portal. This automation saves time, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures compliance and accountability throughout your vendor engagements.

Objectives of Vendor Portal for Subscription Services

  • Streamline vendor communication through a centralized platform.
  • Promote efficient collaboration for enhanced productivity.
  • Streamline vendor management through automated processes.
  • Enhance operational efficiency for streamlined processes.
  • Strengthen vendor relationships for improved partnerships.
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Optimize Operation

Optimize Operations with Field Service Management

Field Service Management for Subscription Billing is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize operations related to field service activities in the context of subscription billing. By streamlining and optimizing field service operations, businesses can achieve higher service levels, reduce operational costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Objectives of Field Service Management for Subscription Services

  • Streamline service execution for optimal efficiency.
  • Optimize resources for improved operational efficiency.
  • Enable real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities.
  • Efficient operations with streamlined workflow processes.
  • Elevate customer experience through enhanced interactions.
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Converget Billing

Enhance Your Subscription Services with Customer Portal

Enhance your subscription services with a customer portal that puts the power in the hands of your subscribers. Our customer portal provides a user-friendly and centralized platform for your customers to manage their subscriptions effortlessly. By offering a customer portal, you provide a seamless and personalized experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Objectives of Customer Portal for Subscription Services

  • Empower customers with self-service portal accessibility.
  • Enable customers to personalize subscription plans and billing.
  • Ensure transparency with detailed billing information.
  • Automate reminders for timely subscription renewals.
  • Provide subscription usage insights for data-driven decisions.
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