Environment Health & Safety


Environmental Health & Safety Solutions

It’s an integrated software that provides multiple solutions like management in work areas of product compliance, industrial cleanliness, health and safety, industrial waste management, etc.

  • It has simplified all complex procedures and has automated processes.
  • SAP’s Carbon Impact Software is an exclusive dais that provides industries or organizations with certificates on basis of their vital data related to carbon emissions.
  • Keeping an eye on pollution meter is surely an advantage for any company.

Key Benefits & Capabilities

  • As organizations are taking into consideration all health and safety principles with EHS, they will be able to build a long-lasting relationship with customers as well as with their employees.
  • EHS comprises of all vital SAP components like Basic Data and Tools, Product Safety, Hazardous Substance Management, Dangerous Goods Management, Waste Management, Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene, and All these components will help to conserve the environment as well as employees’ health.
  • With EHS, risks factors can be mitigated and businesses can overcome the occurrence of adverse events.

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