SAP Innovation Day: AI Everywhere for Better Business Outcomes


SAP Innovation Day: AI Everywhere for Better Business Outcomes

The convergence of AI and technology goes beyond basic functionality. Integrating artificial intelligence with technology has opened the gates for innovation, allowing us to think, strategize, and deliver the unimaginable.

Today, top software innovators like SAP are coming together to harness the power of AI x Technology with a specialized event titled SAP Innovation Day, powered by Accely as its Gold Sponsor.

The event will be held at the innovative Museum of the Future in Dubai, UAE, welcoming new-age entrepreneurs who aspire to reform tech using AI. Moreover, SAP’s latest event is designed to bring together businesses and show them how to drive better outcomes using AI.

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Date: 20th May 2024
Event Venue: Museum of The Future, Dubai, UAE
Time: 10:00 AM

Launched under the theme “AI Everywhere for Better Business Outcomes”, will answer the questions to the following:

  • How energy companies can adapt to the new AI Era?
  • How retailers can use AI to adapt to constant change?
  • The role of technology in the journey towards Zero Government Bureaucracy
  • Advancing Sustainable Manufacturing Through AI
  • Next Generation Procurement powered with Intelligence and Collaboration
  • Role of Generative AI in Finance

Join us for an unprecedented event demonstrating our common commitment to using AI to drive sustainable development and economic progress. Together, we are constructing a future in which artificial intelligence (AI) promotes greater societal development and inclusion while increasing production and profitability.

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