Grow Your Modern trade channel with a new Frontier: CX

Modern trade channel with a new Frontier: CX
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The current COVID-19 situation has been a tough phase for businesses worldwide. It has restricted a large number of organizations to win their eCommerce ambitions and journey for their clientele.

Amid this unforeseen lockdown, only a seasoned expert can determine the crucial needs of businesses. Mr. Nilesh Shah The Global CEO of Accely and an experienced SAP entrepreneur along with several other experts can help suffice to evolve the following business requirements.

  • SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Strategy- Improved customer experience, workforce management with intelligent technologies like ML, blockchain, APIs, security, and industry.
  • SAP Customer Experience- Seamless end-to-end solution that enables digital transformation.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud- Effortless, agile, efficient commerce solution to resolve customer problems and for varied business models such as B2B, B2C, B2B2C. The solution can be extended using suitable extensions for powerful results.
  • SaaS Enterprise Commerce- Optimal for different industries, supports complex customer nature, flexible, ability to integrate with SAP solutions.

How can Accely and SAP help a Business go 10X in & post COVID-19?

CX Builds a richer customer experience with the most comprehensive, intelligent, and modular CX suite.

The main purpose of the webinar was to allow businesses to reconnect with their customers.

The pandemic situation has resulted in customers hoarding goods, widening the bridge of demand and supply. Stores no longer have the capacity to hold customers. Consumers cannot walk into a store and pick their desired necessary products. This has ultimately resulted in lesser footfall and revenue.

This is why Accely and SAP together have implemented a solution to bridge this widening gap. Consumers can now place orders online and get products delivered safely and securely at their doorsteps.

  • Step-1:

Online Stores using SAP Commerce Cloud in less than 30 days- A new flavor of revenue channel to customers, an all-in-one-mobile commerce solution with user-friendly UI/UX, full-service support, easy to use, and efficient back office.

The team also offered an efficient online revenue channel:

Primary- People can directly login and place their orders.

Secondary– Customers can place orders via messenger such as WhatsApp/ Facebook, etc.

  • Step-2:

Last Mile Solution logistics- Partnership with reliable and secure delivery agents that can reach consumers on time and safely.

  • Step-3:

E2E offshore delivery- Innovative solutions so that clients can deliver securely to the end consumer.

All these features will result in improved order management, content management, conversational commerce with a smart CX Chat Bots like Siri/Alexa.

Accely is pleased to be in the presence of such visionaries and cherished the opportunity to share their knowledge with the webinars. The Accely and SAP Team would value the opportunity to share their valuable insights that these eminent visionaries offered.