Accelerated SSO

Sign up for once and access all SAP or non-SAP backend system through SAP SSO portal.


SAP SSO allows you to authenticate only once and access all the on-premise or cloud applications through the portal. No need for more login attempts when a user switches from one application to the another. It’s a prime utility of a SAP EP (Enterprise Portal).

SSO generates login tickets after a successful authentication by a user. The ticket stored as a cookie is sent with each browser request to eliminate the need to log in every time. Otherwise, a mapping system is used when ticket generation isn’t a feasible option. Here, portal user credentials are mapped with ECC system credentials to provide an access to all the connected applications.

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SAP SSO Highlights

  • SAP SSO is quick to implement and provides a low-cost alternative
  • Eliminates the need for multiple password provision, security, and reset mechanism across all the applications
  • SAP SSO allows the application access, any time anywhere
  • Support for all devices such as desktop systems and mobile devices along with an access to in-house, cloud or web-based applications
  • Authentication through a smart card or RFID tokens is possible in the system
  • Decreases the downtime resulting in an ease in application access
  • If a password policy changes, no need of updating it in all the applications
  • Security features equipped with encryption and digital signatures remain in compliance with corporate and regulatory authorities
  • Productivity and efficiency increases because of reduced attempts for manual login, password reset or helpdesk communication etc.

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