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Accelerated Identity & Access Management

In today’s era of a cloud driven world, where majority of your services needs to be exposed to the internet, accessible over a wider geography and also demands easy accessibility like single sign on, mobility, do you think you can still live without Identity and Access Management. Accelerated Identity Management aims to covering the biggest security loopholes in your organization in a very short turn-around time. It aims at setting the ground right for IAM in your organization and showing you the right roadmap to scale your digital assets in the near future.

IAM now of all time, has never been more important especially for security, governance, compliance and automation. The four pillars of IAM are:

  • 1. Security – Protect your organizational data. Be sure that all users (past and present) have the right access to your applications – nothing more, nothing less.
  • 2. Governance – Be sure that nothing gets created, deleted or modified in your system at an access management level without going through a proper process flow
  • 3. Compliance – It is important to be compliant with the rules of important grass root security foundation organizations like ISC2 and industry standards like HIPAA and SOX.
  • 4. Automation – Lastly but definitely not the least, getting through the manual process of role assignments, user creation, locking/unlocking and password resets should not be catered manually.

As a part of Accelerated IdM, we at Accely have put together our multi-faceted experience in SAP Security in a rapid, quick go-to solution which is based on SAP Identity Management 8.0, which will help you address the four pillars in a very short turn around time. We look at transforming four business processes like –

  • Hiring (Get birth right access on the day of joining)
  • Termination (Make sure that nobody has access to any system after leaving the organization)
  • Transfers and Delegation
  • Self-Services (System wise password reset, Additional role request)
  • Maintain contractor data (Build in a process of maintaining your contractors

We also pay special attention to Single Sign on services, but the topic is so large that we needed to create a completely different service offering out of it and its called Accelerated Single-Sign-On. The picture above gives a brief idea of the provisioning automation that we bring in using this accelerated methodology.

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