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Excellence is a journey, not a destination. Success is an ongoing endeavor.

The business environment is getting increasingly complex. Companies need to align their growth strategies with the evolving market dynamics. Each company is unique. Its business needs are unique, dependent as they are on its business sector, business model, size of operations and unique value drivers. Even as managements drive the growth of their companies, improving their performance by optimizing resources, increasing profit margins and returns, and maximizing value for the stakeholders have always been their primary focus.

Accely Financial Solutions offers a bouquet of end-to-end, value-added financial solutions to help company managements in this ongoing endeavor. We understand and recognize the uniqueness of each company, and offer unique financial solutions to suit each one of them in their continuous quest for performance improvement. Stretching well beyond merely advising, Accely Financial actually works alongside company managements as their trusted partner in helping them realize the hidden value of their companies and consistently build on it for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Accely Financial brings enhanced value, credibility and respectability to the companies that it works with, likely making them much more attractive to external stakeholders, especially, potential investors and lenders, among others.


Who are we?

Accely Financial Solutions is a division of Accely Solutions DMCC, Dubai, which is a part of the Accely Group, an IT solutions and services provider with operations in eight countries across four continents. Accely Financial is headed by an accomplished, results-driven and strategic-thinking finance, investment and management professional with over 26 years’ industry experience. Our experienced teams in Dubai and Mumbai are well-positioned to provide our client companies with end-to-end, value-added financial solutions.

Our Services


Financial Management

In the prevailing highly competitive environment wherein companies are looking for ways to optimize their resources and cut costs, we offer a range of services that enable companies to outsource their finance function, in part or whole, to us, leaving them to remain focused on their core business.

Services offered include:

  • Financial management
    • Outsourcing of finance function, wholly or partly
  • Financial investment management
  • Strategic investment management
  • Book-keeping and accounts
  • Working capital management
  • Cash cycle management
  • Funding advisory
  • Project monitoring
  • Pricing of products / services

Business Improvement

Working alongside the managements and other external stakeholders, we plan and implement actions that can help improve companie’s cash flows, increase and sustain profits, enhance returns and strengthen their balance sheets.

Services offered include:

  • Strategic business review
  • Value driver prioritization & sensitivity analyses
  • Performance improvement, management
    • Cost optimization management
  • Risk management
  • Business turnaround / restructuring
  • Debt restructuring
  • Devising and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Long-Term Growth

It has often been seen that many companies, despite having good business models, do not achieve the kind of growth that they are capable of simply because they had not planned well, or executed their plans well. Achieving sustained growth under a well-conceived long-term plan by choosing and implementing suitable strategies is core to the very existence of any company.

Services offered include

  • Long-term corporate planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Annual budget preparation, implementation and monitoring
  • Strategy advisory, implementation and monitoring
    • Corporate strategy
    • Investment strategy
    • Infotech strategy

Transaction Management

Buying or selling a company, a business or a major asset, or undertaking a merger is fraught with risks unless planned and managed efficiently. In an evolving business environment, navigating through a maze of financial information, making sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the target business and understanding the main features of the transaction are crucial. A well-structured and well-executed deal ultimately holds the key to the success and growth of the company itself.

Services offered include

  • Critical assessment of financial data
  • Financial modeling, forecasting and analyses
  • Valuation of company / business / asset
  • Investment / credit appraisal
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business carve-out advisory
  • Synergy assessment
  • Transaction management
  • Negotiation support
  • Funding advisory


To supplement finance entities’ existing capabilities to help optimize resource and improve their risk-return profiles.

  • Investment management – strategic and financial
  • Investment / credit appraisal, including valuations
  • Proactive development and management of credit portfolios
  • Credit risk management

Our Unique Value Proposition


We deliver value-added financial solutions that help managements succeed in each stage of evolution of a company.


We not only advise but actually work alongside company managements as their trusted partner in helping them set their corporate goals and realize them.


We work closely with managements in helping them realize the hidden value of their companies and consistently build on it for the benefit of all stakeholders.


We bring enhanced value, credibility and respectability to our client companies, likely making them much more attractive to potential investors and lenders, among others.


The collective rich experience of our team of consultants enables us to impart the best value-add to our client companies.


We ensure that our interests are aligned with and linked to the long-term growth of our client companies. We do not aim at opportunistic money-making.


We price our service at levels which offer total value-for-money to our client companies.

Team Profiles


Chief Executive Officer

Raghu is an accomplished, results-driven and strategic-thinking finance, investment and management professional with over 26 years’ industry experience, spread over India and the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) regions.

He has wide experience in strategic investment management, financial management, corporate strategy, investment strategy, corporate planning, asset management, equity research, credit rating and macro economy research.

During his long career, he has worked with such well-known organizations as UTI Asset Management Company in India; and Global Investment House, Dubai Capital Group (a part of the Dubai Holding Group) and Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries (Julphar) in the GCC.

Some of his important assignments in recent years have involved acquisitions, JV formation, business turnarounds, debt restructuring, cost optimization, project monitoring and business carve-out, among others.


Senior Consultant

Ashish is a senior finance and consulting professional with long industry experience spanning India and GCC.

He has rich experience in investment appraisals, financial analysis, risk profiling and asset allocation.

In a career spanning over ten years, he has worked with such institutions of renown as HSBC Bank, ICICI Securities, and Alchemy Capital Management in India, and Suisse Capital and Nexus Insurance Brokers in Dubai.



Chirag is a seasoned finance professional with long experience spanning India and GCC.

He has varied experience in management, strategy, budgeting and planning, accounts systems, and designing operational, HR & financial processes.

In a career of about nine years, he has worked with a number of reputed companies in India and Dubai.

We also have consultants based in India to complement our Dubai team.


Raghu Sarma
Chief Executive Officer
Accely Financial Solutions
Email: [email protected]

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