What is Vendor Portal?

Vendor portal also known as supplier portal is a self-check-in, web-based solution providing a vendor management tool that allows you to engage with vendors in a secure online ecosystem at any time. As a result, vendors have complete control and flexibility over data and access to SAP data and AP details without the assistance of staff. As a result, increased efficiency and lower operational costs are possible outcomes.

Bottlenecks that Companies Face

  • Improper vendor communication
  • The confusion caused by several data inputs
  • Necessitated lengthy emails, phone calls, and meetings
  • You can’t go back and redo actions if you want to
  • High vendor management costs
  • Poor user experience
  • Difficult to track KPIs

How Can A Vendor Portal Help With These Issues?

  • Organize all of your vendor conversations in one location.
  • An SAP Vendor Portal allows all relevant teams to see the same information, breaking down information walls between your internal departments.
  • Suppliers can self-service.
  • Action traceability allows you to go back in history and review past acts or communications, making reporting and supplier evaluation easier.
  • Reduced vendor management costs.
  • It provides a clear, visual user experience and intuitive functionality.
  • Easier to keep track of vendor KPIs and have complete visibility through a dashboard.

Supports Your Business Workflow

  • Leverage the benefits of Supply Chain Finance with Dynamic Discounting.
  • Maintain compliance by keeping insurance certificates, licenses, and other documents up to date.
  • Dispatch and update Purchase Orders, also known as RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs.
  • Communicate with vendors and suppliers in real-time.
  • Send and receive documents with vendors.
  • Allow suppliers to do complicated searches and provide reports on their activity.
  • Vendor profiling for ESG score.
  • Vendor Risk Profiling.
  • Vendor Compliance Management.

Key Features

Filter Builder

Using layout filters will reduce the queries. For e.g., if you require data of a specific date, just run a query and apply a custom date range filter to get the data you need.

Smart Menu Manager

With the Menu Manager in SAP Business One, you can rapidly add, update, and delete website menu categories and items without the need for programming or experts.

License Administration

The Manager Add-on for SAP Business One simplifies user administration and publishing.

Multiple Users Functionality

There's no need to go to each vendor contact and create a login for them. Instead, the multiple Users tab enables dozens or hundreds of users at once.

Only View Useful Data

By simply dragging and dropping columns within the layout, you may customize your view with the Field Chooser. For example, hide less essential facts and see what's vital right now.

Easy Data Share

Save and share information with other Vendor Portal users easily. Customize your information view and choose the info that you need to see.

Data View as Per Roles

Users can access a separate Vendor Portal based on their jobs roles, which will suggest and present data that is relevant and beneficial to them.

Login History Details

View details about your login history in real-time. Find out who has previously signed into the Vendor Portal and when a user last updated their password.

Benefits of Accelerated Vendor Portal

  • A vendor portal facilitates vendor self-service.
  • Show payment information in real-time.
  • Streamline and accelerate the resolution of disputes.
  • Activate dynamic discounting.
  • Internal resource demands have been reduced.


    Accely has created a number of solutions using the BTP platform powered by SAP, the most recent of which is the Vendor Portal. The fact that such a solution developed on BTP only integrates seamlessly with any SAP landscape makes it SAP user-friendly. You can use Accelerated Vendor Portal to manage all of your Dealer-related concerns on a single platform, giving you a 360-degree view of everything.


  • Simplified development and quick deployment allows seamless integration.
  • By providing flexible and user-friendly data management, it enables organizations to discover, connect, and orchestrate data with internal and external data flows.
  • Increases the level of automation in order to reduce manual efforts.

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