Leading Burger Brand from India Innovates Using SAC Planning

Leading Burger Brand from India Innovates Using SAC Planning

Accely’s latest acquisition venture brings us to its potentially largest partner yet. In its latest run, the cloud solution provider engaged with one of the leading fast-food multinationals with operations throughout India.

Being at the forefront of its operations, the fast-food chain was busy expanding its operation globally. However, despite such success in its expansion, it faced backlash in its operations, primarily due to the lack of reliable cloud infrastructure. The lack of cloud-linked operations pushed back operations for the restauranter.

However, after a successful SAP Analytics Cloud implementation, things got better for the client. With SAP SAC at the center of innovations for the fast-food franchise, it could access real-time data from different restaurants across the different locations in the country.

The access to such insights allowed the franchise-level business to improve its operations, attracting more customers and better revenues. Following its success with the SAP SAC planning, the chain seeks to innovate the cloud space with global SAP’s gold partner.

Accely’s SAP implementation was a game changer for the company, giving them access to better and streamlined operations.