The global metals industry is seeing a lot of changes. With high demand for metals coming from emerging and developing markets like China and India, the industry, characterized by a fragmented market but dominated by a few producers with high proportion of sales, is facing several issues. This scenario is making it tough and complex for organizations to survive and compete more effectively.


Challenges faced by the industry include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Unfavourable supply chain dynamics
  • High costs of procurement
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Managing inventory
  • Accurate planning
  • Integrated Logistics Operation

Accely comes to aid

In order to tackle these industry challenges, we offer a holistic approach to the key aspects of operations like:

Customer Management:

This requires understanding the customer, segmenting them and offering differential service at optimum price level. Customers want reliability, speed, flexibility and transparency.

Order Management:

Accurate and timely execution of orders can lead to high customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Automated customer interface, online ordering, improved service and Available to Promise (ATP) are very important components of Order management.

Production consistency:

This is necessary for better planning and improving the delivery compliance and this can be achieved by process improvement initiatives. Well-conceived and integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enhances production efficiency.

Planning and Forecasting: This includes forecasting, sales and operation planning, production scheduling and distribution planning etc.

Materials Management: This includes strategic sourcing, improved procurement process and supplier relationship management.

We also offer solution frameworks for specific areas such as Tracking of steel coils in warehouse/shop floor, Slab/billet yard management, Roll shop management, Performance parameter tracking and Plant level inventory management and reporting systems.

These frameworks are tailor-made to meet customer requirements and seamlessly integrate with the rest of the IT applications. Apart from these, we also help our customers with consulting solutions and offer best practices in areas such as inbound supply chain, manufacturing process optimization and outbound supply chain.

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