Accelerated IDM >>> SAP Identity Management 8.0

Webinar with a Customer

1. What is a compliant Identity Management System?
A compliant Identity Management System is something that helps you keep your entire IT landscape secure and as well as compliant as per SOX, HIPAA, PCI. It helps you maintain automation of HR processes related to Joiner/Mover/Leaver and keeps manual intervention out of it. Thus you wouldn't risk anything left open to users who do not work in the organization anymore. SSO can be managed centrally for all SAP and non SAP services.

2. Why do you need it (even if you have GRC)?
GRC only provisions to your SAP systems. SAP IdM masters in provisioning and de-provisioning. It automates your HR JML processes. It can see your whole IT landscape as one.

3. How do you maintain it?
Here we would describe the whole gamut of people one would need to maintain the IdM system

4. How much time does it take to get it running?
Here we would explain a mini project plan and timelines with a sample landscape.

5. Pre-requisites (Hardware and licenses)
Here we would talk on hardware and SAP licenses and thus arrive at TCO.

6. Customer speaks
A real life customer would speak on their experience in implementing SAP IdM.

7. Roadmap for a Customer
Roadmap where we focus on a fully automated provisioning and de-provisioning landscape, where minimal IT intervention is needed to order to manager users, passwords. Most of the work can now be focused on analysis and research of the strength of the landscape.